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2009: Increase your value and skills
Rather than take space in the eJournal for the editorial note; I've decided to make it a blog entry.  I'm curious how this is going to work out!  Your thoughts?
What will you do to increase your value as a Business Analyst in 2009?

Highlights from this issue:
> 10 Key Business Analysis Trends for 2009
> Data Analysis for Business Analysts
> Role of the Business Analyst in an Agile Utopia
> New Templates & Blog Posts

- Adrian Marchis, Editor

10 Key Business Analysis Trends for 2009
by Glenn Brûlé, Director of Client Solutions for ESI International
With change having such a profound influence on 2008, 2009 will likely be shaped by the business world’s ability to adapt to that change. And, of all the groups of professionals working today, few will serve a more important role in that adaptation than business analysts...  Here are 10 key trends to look forward to in business analysis for 2009. They represent the on-going evolution of requirements management and development and the ever-increasing value of the modern business analyst.
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Advance Your IT Career

Data Analysis for Business Analysts
by Loretta Mahon Smith, CCP, CBIP, CDMP
Business Analysts rely on input from a subject matter expert (SME), including data professionals, to help complete scoping and requirements documents... The purpose of the article is not to teach you data management, but to provide you with a general understanding of building blocks of the practice. It will describe the breadth of subjects that data management professionals may be able to address.


What happens to the role of the Business Analyst in an Agile Utopia?
by Colart Miles, Seasoned Business Analyst
If Agile is to become the next zeitgeist for development, what will become of the traditional Business Analyst?  We all know the traditional waterfall mantra: analyze, design, build then test... underpinned by the common belief that the more you analyze up front the more you save in maintenance later on. This has had a huge impact on the way we organize our teams: separating functions and putting a heavy emphasis on theoretical modeling.
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Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis

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