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Putting Down the Headset: BA Lessons from Tech Support
What’s Wrong with If-Then Syntax For Expressing Business Rules
iRise Requirements Visualization

> Business Process Models and Business Rules: How They Should Work Together
> Nobody Knows Your Business Like Your Own Business Analysts

> Webinar: Myth-busting: The Path to Requirements Success

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Putting Down the Headset: BA Lessons from Tech Support
by Ted Hardy, Analyst Supervisor, Papa John's Intl.
As I look back on the last nine years of my BA career, I realize just how well that initial reason for leaving the call center, that desire to make a difference for my customers, has served as a guiding light for me as a BA. Providing my customers with tools and processes that anticipate problems they may have has been a goal throughout my years as a BA. 

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What’s Wrong with If-Then Syntax For Expressing Business Rules
by Ronald Ross, Featured Speaker,
Many IT professionals currently prefer the if-then form for expressing rules. Why? Put simply, it's closer to what they need for implementation, whether under a rule engine or a programming language. Consequently, they often resist expressions of rules from the business perspective as business people would naturally prefer them. But what effect does that have on the rules? Highly undesirable consequences result.

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iRise Requirements Visualization
by Mitch Bishop, CMO, iRise
Business analysts are on the front lines of mission-critical projects, eliciting and distilling thousands of requirements from multiple stakeholders into concise specifications for complex applications. Getting the business requirements right is critical, but companies often trip up during this critical first step. The reason is simple. The tools available to business analysts haven’t changed in over 30 years!


Business Process Models and Business Rules: How They Should Work Together
by Barbara von Halle & Larry Goldberg, KPI LLC
As business analysts, we know that a business process model is a crucial technique for transforming a business and redesigning automated business systems. Yet, we struggle with the best way to represent the business rules that guide it. This is not a surprise, but disappointing. Ironically, business rules may be the most important dimension of an enterprise.


Nobody Knows Your Business Like Your Own Business Analysts
by Joseph da Silva, Business Analyst, British Gas
Many organisations hire external consultants with no experience of their business to shape strategies and propositions. In doing this, they are unconsciously ignoring internal resource with exactly the same skills but additional knowledge and experience of the business – namely their Business Analysts. BAs have a unique skillset, offering holistic insight, analysis and recommendations.
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Myth-busting: The Path to Requirements Success
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