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Brûlé’s Rules of Playing Telephone with Requirements
Requirements and the Beast of Complexity
Six Simple Steps for Accelerating and Perfecting Requirements
Agility Based on Business Rules

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Brûlé’s Rules of Playing Telephone with Requirements
by Glenn R. Brûlé, Executive Director, ESI International
You remember the game of telephone, right?  There is a tendency to interpret information in very individualized ways, but as business analysts (BAs), we don’t want to allow for that. Rather, BAs strive for clear, concise and coherent articulation of requirements because it influences the outcome of solutions. BAs know that “winning” the game of telephone happens when both the client and vendor make a concerted effort to articulate needs and capabilities, then proceed to mash them up and make sense of the output.
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Requirements and the Beast of Complexity
by Mark Norton, Product Director, Idiom Ltd.  
This article promotes a new approach to requirements management that reduces project complexity and improves communication between business and IT. This new approach can be used on its own, or as a supplement or precursor to existing approaches. Critical features of the approach are: detachment of business requirements from individual projects; and the production of testable requirements that can be shown to be complete, consistent, and correct prior to use within the SDLC.

iRise Software for the Business Analyst - Using Visualization to Get Requirements Right

Six Simple Steps for Accelerating and Perfecting Requirements
by Barbara von Halle and Larry Goldberg of KPI, LLC
We present a requirements framework and methodology that may be different from what you are doing. Its three prominent characteristics are a framework, a new model, and visualization. The framework ensures completeness of all requirements. The new model is the Decision Model, transforming important business thinking into a tangible and manageable business requirement. The visualization simulates user scenarios, alleviating the need for abstract specifications or models.
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Agility Based on Business Rules
by Ronald G. Ross, Featured Speaker, 
Today’s business systems aren’t agile – even when agile software methods are used to develop them. Companies need business agility, and in most cases we simply aren’t delivering it.  Here’s an example from recent experience. I visited a very large health care organization and had conversations there with a variety of people.
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Agile Practitioner & BA: Jayesh Jain
Title: Senior Business Analyst
Employer: Prism Software Ltd
What have you found that makes your job easier?
‘Relationship before Task’ is my motto, I spend as much time as possible to built a working relation with every person I interact with (including customers) and have found that extremely helpful. As far as requirements are concerned I make sure they are very clear and unambiguous. Every time there is a change in business process / software I make sure I involve as many end users (actual users) as possible, I never forget that they are the ones which are affected the most.

Stress-free SQL Queries for the Analyst
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> What are the similarities and differences between a UML Class Diagram and Object Diagram?
> What is an XML Schema and what is its purpose?
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Featured JOBs for Business Analysts
BA Consultants provide business/systems requirements definition & management services on client engagements across the United States and Canada
> Business Process Analyst to assist the business to move from function-centric to process-centric thinking with the use of business process management
> Business Analyst responsible for gathering, analyzing and documenting business processes and requirements

iRise Software for the Business Analyst - Using Visualization to Get Requirements Right

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