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The Decision Model and Process Models with BPMN
Use Case Points: an analysis phase estimating technique
Understanding and Managing Agile Transitions

> The Role of the Implementation Consultant – 3 things you must know!

> Webinar: How Automating Decisions makes your organization more human

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The Decision Model and Process Models with BPMN
by Barbara von Halle and Larry Goldberg, KPI LLC
AThe Decision Model in practice has delivered many unanticipated, but positive surprises. The most obvious and powerful surprise is how it drastically simplifies process models. In fact, we regularly receive unsolicited messages from people who experience this effect.  For example, one practitioner condensed a 45-page process model to one with eight task boxes. 

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Use Case Points: an analysis phase estimating technique
by Mark Monteleone, CBAP, BPM, CSM, CSPO
Use Case Points are used as an analysis phase technique for estimating software development. Assuming the Business Analyst (BA) composes system use cases for describing functional requirements, the BA can use this technique for estimating the follow-on implementation effort. This article reviews the process of estimating the follow-on development effort for use cases.

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Understanding and Managing Agile Transitions
by Narayan Parasuraman, PMP, CBAP, CSM, CSP, ITIL
Software development process is undergoing seismic shift from traditional waterfall software methodologies towards agile methodologies. Agile software development methodologies deliver high quality software products in rapid iterations with high flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions. This article discusses the dynamics of agile projects by comparing it with the SDLC project framework to help the IT leaders and organizations plan effectively for transitioning to Agile software development methodologies.


The Role of the Implementation Consultant – 3 things you must know!
by Remzil Kulkarni, Head of BA COE, Mastek Ltd
Congratulations! You've just won your first large client and you are being chosen to play the role of the Lead Implementation Consultant for the engagement. You are being chosen because you are, at your core, an excellent BA and have a very high level of expertise about the product or solution that has just been sold. You will now be the one chiefly responsible for understanding the client’s requirements and addressing gaps so that the solution will meet your particular client's needs.


How Automating Decisions makes your organization more human
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Mail resume to: Amy Phillips, Recruiter, Alliance Data Systems, 3100 Easton Square Pl., Columbus, OH 43219 & note Job ID.

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