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Cardanit BPM Software  --  VISIT
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Cardanit is a user-friendly, collaborative tool for modeling business processes and the decisions driving them. Based on BPMN and DMN standards, Cardanit provides a dynamic and frictionless modeling experience. With Cardanit, business analysts, consultants, and managers can map their processes and streamline decisions with a powerful, easy-to-use business process management editor. Cardanit allows a fast, effortless experience and smooth collaboration with peers and clients. Along with customizable diagrams and automatic report generation, the tool makes the visualization and understanding of processes and decisions easier, even for non-BPM experts.

Business specialists can easily model and optimize the business they analyze, regardless of the industry, whether it’s financial services, supply and logistics, ICT, or retail.

Developed by ESTECO, an Italian software house, Cardanit incorporates 20-year experience in process automation and standards-based solutions. ESTECO has its core business in numerical optimization and simulation data management for the engineering world, with more than 300 international organizations choosing its solutions.

Cardanit was born in 2013 as a research project and turned ESTECO strong background in data analysis and UX design into a brand-new solution for the BPM market.


Sparkling Logic SMARTS Decision Management Platform  --  VISIT
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Tired of waiting for your IT tickets to be prioritized? Take back control with SMARTS Data-Powered Decision Manager. More than a rules engine, SMARTS enables business analysts and non-technical SMEs to quickly automate, manage, monitor, and continuosly improve business-critical decisions, explicit and AI-driven, in a low-code manner with minimal IT. Request a custom demo or free trial at


Shipyard Data Orchestration  --  VISIT
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Shipyard quickly connects data tools and orchestrates processes between them by automated workflows with built-in monitoring and alerting. It’s primarily used by data engineers, data analysts, BI analysts, analytics engineers, or the first hire at at data company who does parts of all of the previously listed jobs.


Why Change Consulting  --  VISIT
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Business analysis coaching, training, BA & EA consulting from Yulia Kosarenko, author of "Business Analyst: A Profession and a Mindset". Yulia offers customized BA & career coaching, live and video courses, runs a BA Mindset Mentorship Circle, and provides consulting services as a business architect.

Popular training: Data Management & Analytics Skills for BAs

Data Management & Analytics Skills for Business Analysts

Business Analysis in One Day

Business Analysis Planning Workshop

How to Create and Use Business Architecture Models


Edison365 - Innovation Management Software  --  VISIT
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We all need to learn to change with the times. But that’s easier said than done, right? 

With edison365's Microsoft-based innovation management software, you can quickly collect ideas, select the most valuable, and turn them into successful projects. We provide an essential link between your innovation and PMO teams.

edison365 has been included in Gartner’s Top 10 Innovation Management Tools and ranks as a High Performer on G2’s review site. This software has helped organizations like Cisco to improve their innovation pipeline and find new revenue opportunities.  

Find out more and book a demo at


ITonlinelearning  --  VISIT
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ITonlinelearning is one of the UK's leading providers of IT, project management, and business analysis training courses. The courses that they offer vary depending on a learner's existing level of experience and can be studied remotely at a learner's convenience. 

At present they offer the following business analyst courses:

BCS Business Analyst Foundation

BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis

Their website also provides plenty of information for those considering a career in a related field and a recruitment portal for those looking for what job vacancies are currently available. 

Please get in touch with any enquiries regarding course prices or anything else.


Juicebox: Reporting and Data Storytelling Solution  --  VISIT
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Transform spreadsheets and databases into beautiful, interactive web reporting and presentations.

No Pain. Just Gain. Proven report-design techniques baked in.
Delightfully interactive data experiences for your customers.
Design once, deliver many times.
Yes, your data can tell a story — no coding required.
Use data from spreadsheets or databases.


Project Performance International  --  VISIT
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Project Performance International (PPI) is the world’s largest and most successful provider of systems engineering training. Our alumni of over 14,500 professionals across almost every imaginable sector in 41 countries speak for itself. Become empowered to improve the performance of your company and improve the quality of your business life through insightful, experience-based training delivered by PPI world experts using advanced learning techniques.

With both PPI Live-Online and contact training delivery formats you will:

  • learn sound principles based on historical evidence, and astute application of these principles to create value for your enterprise
  • discover efficient, actionable methods, some not well-known but very effective, taking in workshop format a single system through all major process areas, to achieve a high level of learning.

As testament to PPI’s impact globally, clients of PPI, from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, include Airbus, AVIC, BAE Systems, Babcock, BHP Billiton, Boeing, Boston Scientific, Cochlear, De Beers, Dyson, Embraer, General Dynamics, Halliburton, Harris, L3, Lockheed, Mitsubishi, NEC, Nokia, Northrop Grumman, Panasonic, Shell, Siemens, Thales, and public sector organizations worldwide. Join us now in helping make the world a better place through systems engineering.

Project Performance International -
systems engineering training and consulting for project success …


J&J Enterprise Consulting  --  VISIT
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J&J Enterprise Consulting offers consulting services for UK-based SMEs.  J&J can support SMEs who want to become more process-based with various methods and techniques.  From externalising processes into documents for training out new ways of working to implementing fully automated BPM systems.


Xebrio  --  VISIT
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Xebrio is a SaaS-based requirements management software which covers every phase of project development from requirement analysis to deployment. Xebrio helps teams achieve maximum productivity by enabling precise and comprehensive requirement analysis and tracking, milestone tracking, hassle-free collaboration and task assignment, issue tracking, and much more, ensuring that your team never misses a deadline and works efficiently. It offers you the flexibility that your team needs without making following up on tasks harder than the tasks itself.


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