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When in Rome: The Role of a Good, Global Business Analyst
What the Heck Is Enterprise Analysis - Part 1
Activity Diagram – Usage and Benefits
Documenting SOA

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When in Rome: The Role of a Good, Global Business Analyst
by Glenn R. Brûlé, Executive Director, ESI International
Yes, the world is flat, and the reality of today’s global economy is that business analysts (BA) from all corners of the earth often work with one another. But they don’t always understand how business efficiency is impacted by the comprehension of their inherent differences. There are fundamental philosophical and behavioral differences between professionals across the world that impact business success. 

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What the Heck Is Enterprise Analysis - Part 1
by Robin Goldsmith, Go Pro Management, Inc.
For many business analysts (BAs), the IIBA Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) Knowledge Area that is the least familiar is Enterprise Analysis (EA). In some ways, this may be a mixed blessing. On the one hand, the BABOK® (v2) EA area describes important topics and techniques that BAs should be conversant with: defining business needs, solutions, business cases, and project initiation. On the other hand, I have issues with the ways BABOK® v2 treats these topics.

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Activity Diagram – Usage and Benefits
by Brad Botz, Business Analyst
As part of the Unified Modeling Language, Activity diagrams are often utilized for many software projects. However, a few questions about Activity diagrams linger in the minds of many Business Analysts, such as: Who is really using them? What kind of projects are they being used on? Why are people not using them? How are people using them? Are they providing any benefit?


Documenting SOA
by John Moe, Head of Business Integration, Tori Global 
For projects that may well be delivered by Service Oriented Architecture (possibly using Service Oriented Analysis), I would suggest that you may need to consider different or additional ways of documenting your requirements and specifications. The reason for this is that the way you shape your requirements needs to encompass both the holistic nature of SOA, as well as the new terminology and delivery mechanisms.
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BA Best Practices: Reporting Requirements, Design, Creation and Distribution
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Optimizing Requirements Discovery
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Jazz Up Your Collaborative Lifecycle Management
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