Oct 25, 2020
I am sure we have all heard the cliché, “size matters.” So let’s start with why does size matter for business. In the United States, if you need a government loan to start or maintain your business or compete for a government contract, then how “big” your business is ma...
I am sure we have all heard the cliché, “size matters.” So let’s start with why does size matter for business. In the United States, if you need a government loan...
Data science and analytics is a dynamic world and anyone pursuing a career in analytics needs to stay on the cutting edge of the latest tools and conceptual approaches to advance t...
Most of us have seen praise and recognition at work go to the people who react quickly when a problem occurs: The IT person who takes care of technical issues at critical mom...

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Templates & AidesTemplates & Aides: find and share business analysis templates as well as other useful aides (cheat sheets, posters, reference guides) in our Templates & Aides repository.  Here are some examples:
* Requirements Template
* Use Case Template
* BPMN Cheat Sheet

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Ashish Adike
Ashish Adike
As a Business Analyst, very often we get into a situation where the Project requires multiple IT Products to be evaluated before implementation and might seek Business Analyst’s recommendation for the same. With the ever-growing range of Products in the market and the marketing promotions associated with some of the products, it’s very ...
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What Does Success Look Like? I challenge Business Analysts to view requestors’ requirements as an opportunity to define success. Too often, teams fall into a trap focused on requestors’ prescriptive requirements that are meant to serve as roadmaps for developers and testers. When you limit your view of requirements to this prescripti...
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Mariya Kotsupalova
Mariya Kotsupalova
They say the best criteria of Business Analyst’s success are a happy customer (business) and a happy engineering team. But what does it mean? How can we break down happiness and measure it? These are precisely the questions my 8 BAs team and I tried to answer this year. The result was a surprisingly efficient pair of surveys we developed and ...
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