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Here's another great issue packed with BA-centric articles:
> The Work of the Agile Analyst (Part 2)
6 Usability Considerations for Better UI Design
> 12 Things to Fertilize Your Business Analysis Career
> Process-Driven SOA

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> Webinar: Lean Business Process Discovery & Implementation
> Webinar: Requirements Best Practices from Haworth
World Congress for Business Analysts

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Agile Business Analysis in Flow --The Work of the Agile Analyst (Part 2)
by Ellen Gottesdiener, Principal Consultant, EBG Consulting
What exactly do BAs do in agile development? How will your activities differ from those of traditional development? Let's take a look at agile business analysis from the perspective of the activities that make up requirements development and management, comparing traditional with agile analysis.
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Villanova Universtiy 

6 Usability Considerations for Better Mobile UI Design
by Brad Botz, Idependent Researcher & Business Analyst
Although it may seem obvious that the User Interface (UI) directly impacts usability, and therefore satisfaction, Business Analysts often find themselves focusing on functional requirements to ensure end user satisfaction. Mainly, this is due to the non-functional requirements, like usability, being dictated by existing technology or process within the organization. However...


12 Things to Fertilize Your Business Analysis Career
by Jacqueline Sanders, Senior Consultant, CBAP, PMP 
"How do I move into the field of Business Analyst?" or "How do I move up within the field of Business Analysis?" This article contains a list of 12 things that will put you in a position to get the BA job opportunities you seek and to excel.
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Process-Driven SOA
by John Moe, Head of Business Consulting, Alphacourt 
Much of the current buzz about SOA has been focussed on the technology (inevitably Web Services) or the importance of reusability. However the real value of SOA is in the improvement to processes and ways of working that reflect the alignment of an organisation with its customers and suppliers.
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Eliminate BPM Bloat: Lean Business Process Discovery & Implementation For Fast ROI
Thu, Sep 17, 2009   10:00 AM Pacific (5:00 PM GMT)  Register Now!

Requirements Best Practices from Haworth on Creating 'The Agency Within'
Wed, Sep 23, 2009   10:00 AM Pacific (5:00 PM GMT)  Register Now!

World Congress for Business Analysts
November 16-18, 2009 - Anaheim, CA -  More Details

IT Leadership Forum 
November 2-4, 2009 - Phoenix, AZ -  More Details

More Informative Articles
> The Fusion of Process and Project Management
> Detail Process Charts
> Eliminating Ambiguity from Your Requirements
> Customer Focus in Process Improvement

Recent Blog Posts
> How to Become a BA & Interview for the Role
> I have just completed the CBAP
> When a business case is not a business case

Requirements Solutions Group           LightHouse Requirements Traceability
Informative Forum Posts
> What is IT BA and BA
> Is domain experience..mandatory?
> What techniques do you use to fast track your understanding of the business?

Relevant Interview Questions
> What is a UI Design Pattern and what are its benefits?
> What are some guiding principles or tenants of UI design?
> What should be documented in a UI Design Pattern? 

AUGUST 2009 

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