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What is a UI Design Pattern and what are its benefits?

Posted by Chris Adams

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UI Design Patterns are an important aspect of application and website usability and user experience.  UI Design Patterns (also commonly referred to as Interaction Design Patterns) document and convey robust UI design solutions, that have proven to be successful over time, to common usability requirements.  Properly applying UI Design Patterns ensures the UI designer that the application or website will be intuitive and its features and functionality robust.

There are many benefits to using patterns including:

  1. Teaching new UI designers, analysts and developers best practices and common approaches to solid UI design.
  2. Speaking about UI design in standard terms that everybody understands.
  3. Reducing the time and cost required to design UIs, since it always takes longer to reinvent the wheel.
  4. Using metaphors that have been tested across a number of different contexts.
  5. Making it easier for users of a new application or website to understand how the interface should be used to accomplish their tasks since users have seen the same pattern used many times before. 
  6. Ensure a consistent user experience across screens within an application and across multiple applications within a product suite.
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