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What is the one word which comes to mind when you think about the role of the business analyst?  I would venture to guess that most of us would answer "requirements".  Requirements have and will continue to be important to the BA - however there's a new kid on the block: "business processes".  Do you agree?

In this month's editor's note: Should the BA care about BPM and SOA? and the eJournal we explore a number of great topics such as CoP and Use Cases but we focus on BPM and SOA.

Also in this issue:
> Webinar: The Art of Requirements Architecture
New Interview Questions
> More Business Analyst Humor

- Adrian Marchis, Editor

Establishing a Business Analysis Community of Practice (BA CoP)
by Sam Cherubin, Business Analyst & Consultant
It’s commonly agreed that it’s good to floss, eat plenty of fruit and have a Business Analysis Community of Practice. So why is there no common industry definition of what a BA CoP is, what it does, and how to protect it from “cost-saving” initiatives?
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Why & How: Business Process Modelling
by Guy Beauchamp, Business Analyst, Trainer & Mentor
Processes are the user interface to a solution – as such they are highly visible and a lot of project effort is focused on process modelling. In fact, there is a perception in some quarters that Business Analysts just draw process models and this is all they do...


SOA What: SOA 101 for Analysts
by John Moe, Head of Business Consulting at Alphacourt
I would like to begin by defining what SOA is and what you need to know about it. You can, of course, look at a number of definitions of SOA on the Web, but you will find them confusing and contradictory as there are a number of views on this ranging from SOA is everything, to SOA is just Web Services, neither of which is true...
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Use Case Recycling by Extracting Business Rules
by Rolf Götz, Business Analyst & Consultant
In this article I show how to extract business rules from use case descriptions. Business rules define the various subject matters, different businesses, or just differences in doing business. Use cases describe the interaction between user and system on a business level...
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Process Mapping 101: A Guide to Getting Started
Before starting, it is important to understand process mapping’s place in the larger context of business process improvement. Improving your process typically starts with documenting how it works today, what we call the “as-is” process...
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The Art of Requirements Architecture
Wed, April 22, 2009   11:00 AM Pacific (6:00 PM GMT)  Register Now!

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APRIL 2009 

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