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Give an example of how you would use the problem restatement technique of ‘5W + 1H’.

Posted by Chris Adams

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The ‘5W + 1H’ technique (Who, What, When, Where, Why, + How)  is used to create multiple variations of the problem statement beginning each statement with one of the 5W + 1H key words.


  • Should we alter our current customer service procedures?
  • Who should alter their current customer service procedures?
  • What should our current customer service procedures be?
  • When should we change our current customer service procedures?
  • Why should we alter our current customer service procedures?
  • How can we alter our current customer service procedures?

Rewriting the statement using the ‘5W + 1H’ technique broadens the focus of the Subject Matter Experts and Business Analysts. This technique can be used at anytime, but is particularly important if the initial problem statement is close ended phrase requiring a simple yes or no answer. This often constrains the thought process of the Subject Matter Experts and Business Analysts.  The resulting statements often shed new light on the problem and help the group determine the principle issue.



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