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» Employers Should Do More to Train Business Analysts
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While the Business Systems Analysis line of work is just beginning to be recognized as a profession of its own, the shortage of business analysts and systems analysts continues to get worse.  And the shortage is global!  Would you believe that India is having a shortage of qualified IT professionals? Well, you better believe it!&nbs...
Posted by: Adrian M.

» The Popcorn Way and the Business Analyst
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The problem: Do you know when you’re done? Given a specific project with a reasonably defined charter and clear business goals you, the business analyst, set out to elicit and document the detailed business requirements. So when do you stop? Whether you lead a team of business analysts or you do the work yourself, you probably struggled tr...
Posted by: Adrian M.

» Training to be a Business Analyst
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I have over 15 yrs of professional experience as a project manager in architecture and construction industry. I have good transferable skills; analysis, communication, organizing, documenting, etc., that can be applied to BA. I was thinking of doing some training, what training courses might help me get better skills and understanding, such as...
Posted by: Forma Urbis

» BA: If You Want to Succeed, You've Got to Read!
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To be an average analyst is fairly simple... ....  all you have to do is go to all the meetings, complete all the mandatory training courses, and listen to feedback from your manager. But... IF you want to be a GREAT analyst - if you want to truly be successful  THEN that's not enough.  To truly succ...
Posted by: Adrian M.

» Three Great Tools for Managing Bulleted Lists
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This post describes three great tools for managing bulleted lists in Microsoft Word. They allow you to automatically punctuate them , reorder them , and select them for further processing. This post complements my earlier article Three Great Tools for Editing Tables that described tools for efficiently entering and numbering the content in Micr...
Posted by: Martin@DocProd

» Three Great Tools for Editing Tables
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I use Microsoft Word a great deal in my work as a BA, it is my primary tool for formally communicating text based project deliverables.  Where I can, I like to use tables, so that I can quickly capture information and present it without having to write full, grammatically correct paragraphs. Over the last few years, I have prepared a numbe...
Posted by: Martin@DocProd

» Relative Item Point (RIP) Estimate Methodology
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ABSTRACT Software development is burdened with high levels of complexity (and many unknowns), yet it requires perfection for the software to compile and work. Because of these factors, no estimation approach is going to be foolproof. It is believed that relative item point estimation is just as accurate as any alternative (WBS, UCP) while offering...
Posted by: Thai Son

» Winner of complimentary ticket to BA conference
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The complimentary ticket to the BA conference, donated by The Atlantic Systems Guild, for the best answer to the question: What will be the role of the business analyst five years from now? has been won by Maxine Reynolds of BAE Systems: “In five years the business analyst will be putting a much stronger focus on user experience, with a gr...
Posted by: suzanner

» Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders
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The question will undoubtedly arise during your tenure as a business analyst, ‘How do I manage a difficult stakeholder?’ I once encountered a stakeholder, a very highly respected mathematician, who had developed an application based on a mathematical model of his weather systems. The algorithm was amazing. The application sucked. It wa...
Posted by: sbowling999

» BABOK v2 - End-to-end data flow diagram analysis can highlight issues
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As part of preparation to sit the IIBA CBAP exam, I wanted a one page summary of the overall BABOK flow. The first step of creating a summary matrix showing a derived master list of documents (e.g. Inputs + Outputs) versus the process that creates or uses it was interesting, but not entirely helpful. By using the matrix to create an indicative ...
Posted by: Alan

» Modeling complex logic with Warnier diagrams
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Warnier diagrams are not well known. They were introduced in the age of Structured Systems Analysis and are now forgotten. However they are the best tool for solving complex problems. Sometimes you need to model complex logic with multiple different exception scenarios. Sometimes you need to come up with requirements for complex functionality like ...
Posted by: Łukasz Pasek

» Brainstorming: A Powerful Tool in Business Analysis
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(Image credit:   Tired of holding those long and boring meetings with your analysts and stakeholders to encourage them to come up with new ideas and strategies for your business? It seems more of drudgery than a productive exercise when you find yourself lecturing your team for hours on end to...
Posted by: Frank Pipolo

» Come to me with problems, not solutions
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 “Bring me solutions, not problems”. How often have we heard those words uttered by management? In the main it’s a sensible ask however, for a Business Analyst, quite the opposite is true. Our job is to define business problems when often we are presented with solutions. “We need a new reporting tool because the MI we receive isn’t always cor...
Posted by: Pjbussol

» How Do I Become A Business Analyst?
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This is one of the most frequently asked questions I have encountered ever since I have started training business analysts. Before exploring ‘how’, one should ask ‘why do I want to become a business analyst?’ Is it just because every talented individual want to do it, or you want better opportunity, or for better salary. In my opinion, if you have...
Posted by: Trividh Patel, CBAP

» 3 Tips for Obtaining Requirements Sign-off
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Sign-offs are a sign that stakeholders agree with and approve the requirements that have been elicited and documented. There are multiple reasons why BAs seek stakeholder sign-offs and in some cases, it is not always clear whom it benefits. While some methodologies like Agile do not involve a formal sign-off, requirements sign-off does add va...
Posted by: Stephanie Famuyide

» Agile investigated - Back to basics and beyond.
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The word “Agile”, there was a time when this word referred to the ability to move quickly, easily in a more tangible sense, and associated perfectly with synonyms like ‘nimble’, ‘acrobatic’, ‘light footed’, and it goes on and on. Now in the context of software development the word Agile seemed to have gained new depths. Very much like the word “T...
Posted by: Victoria

» Oh...I wish I knew this before!
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A few years ago, I had shifted with bag and baggage to the US. I thought that the upcoming project would consume me for at least a couple of years. Alas, that was not the case. I returned home in five months. Well, I don't even want to begin to think about the financial and emotional set back that my family and I had to endure! Why did this happen...
Posted by: ValueBASE Inc.

» Business Analysis – A MANDATORY Discipline for ALL
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I arrived at the coffee shop for a discussion with my financial planner. Well, I intended to still evaluate him, so he was technically not yet “my” financial planner.  He was “a” financial planner. After the initial pleasantries, he began with a monologue on financial prudence and various product categories that I ...
Posted by: ValueBASE Inc.

» What do you do?
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“So, what do you do?”  It’s quite probably the question I most dread being asked. It’s a fairly benign question but as a Business Analyst I feel compelled to assess and understand what I am really being asked before attempting to provide an appropriately pitched response to my inquisitor. I find myself scrambling for the right words whilst my ...
Posted by: Pjbussol

» Negotiation skills – are they really for Business Analysts?
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 I keep seeing in BA skill descriptions or in specific articles that ‘negotiation skills’ are a necessity for Business Analysts. I just don’t see it myself. Negotiation is a difficult activity for many people, and I see this trend as an attempt to offload negotiation to other people… like Business Analysts. Why do I feel this way? As an activ...
Posted by: David Wright

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