The Business Process Analyst Role

The high-level definition of the Business Process Analyst role

The Business Process Analyst is more of a specialization of the “business analyst” role. This is the professional who is commonly associated with the recent buzz around Business Process Management as well as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) combined with workflow/business process modeling systems.

While this role is still maturing, the business process analyst is a modeler of business processes. This is the guy or gal who uses the process/workflow software to create process models which can be simulated, analyzed, and even executed directly by the business. The business process analysts help the business executives in decision making by modeling/simulating “what-if” scenarios.

Other common titles for this role are: Business Process Engineer, Workflow Engineer, Business Process Modeler, Business Analyst (generic term), etc.


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Feedback on The Profession->Definition
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 Business Analyst, 11/18/2013 
Reviewer: Uma Shanker Singh (Faridabad, India)
As per the responsibility and its aspect of the analyst this could be termed as Business Analyst.
 Mr., 11/15/2013 
Reviewer: aqedvsqq (San Francisco, Afghanistan)
 Mr., 11/15/2013 
Reviewer: flkgwkjo (San Francisco, Algeria)
 Mr., 11/15/2013 
Reviewer: fqiduxxg (San Francisco, Albania)
 Different Titles, Different Roles, 1/14/2013 
Reviewer: Prime Outsourcing (Manila, Philippines)
I think the different titles mentioned entail different responsibilities. They may be similar, but they remain distinct. For instance, being a business process engineer means having more involvement/ being more proactive than a analyst

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