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Agile Requirements, Art of Pushback, Validate Requirements, and more...
As you've come to expect, the July eJournal issue is packed with great content and articles:
> Lean and Scalable Requirements for the Agile Enterprise
The Art of Professional Pushback
> The Sound of Valid Requirements
> The SOA Experience for Analysts

Also in this issue:
> Webinar: Consistency and Productivity through Rapid and Iterative Requirements
Business Analysis Conference
> More Business Analyst Humor
New Interview Questions

- Adrian Marchis, Editor

A Lean and Scalable Requirements Information Model for the Agile Enterprise
by Dean Leffingwell with Juha-Markus Aalto
Agile development practices introduced, adopted and extended the XP-originated "User Story" as the primary currency for expressing application requirements within the agile enterprise... However... the user story by itself does not provide an adequate, nor sufficiently lean, construct for reasoning about investment, system-level requirements and acceptance testing across the larger software enterprises project team, program and portfolio organizational levels.
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Villanova Universtiy 

The Art of Professional Pushback
by Kimberly Terribile, Manager of Business Analysis
I am not sure if there are many other fields in corporate America that require the finesse necessary to execute the professional pushback as greatly as business analysis. Just by the shear nature of what analysts do, we are constantly uncovering inefficiencies and making recommendations for improvements or enhancements.


The Sound of Valid Requirements
by Adriana Beal, Lead Business Technology Consultant 
If requirements management practices were songs entering a popularity contest, requirements validation would hardly be a favorite contender. It's easy to understand why: validation is usually a tedious, time consuming task, and, as with nearly every quality control activity, it is supposed to reveal defects, going against our natural desire of being right, not making mistakes, and singing in tune.
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The SOA Experience for Analysts
by John Moe, Head of Business Consulting, Alphacourt 
Most analysts are introduced to SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) in one of three ways; two of which are potentially painful and one of which is actually useful. I’ll let you decide which you would prefer...
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Gaining Consistency and Productivity through Rapid and Iterative Requirements
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Business Analysis Conference London
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