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All about Agile?
This issue is indeed all about Agile, at least for the most part.  Hang out with us as we discuss Agile Business Analysis with agile visionary Scott Ambler; uncover the Keys to Successful Agile Requirements as outlined by Susan Block, CBAP; and journey with Craig Brown who gives us his thoughts on  How to Be an Agile Business Analyst.
Also, don't forget about the Agile Interview Questions, Analyst Diaries, and other great resources.

- Adrian
Adrian Marchis, Publishing Editor 

Agile Business Analysis: Interview with Scott Ambler
by Adrian Marchis, Publishing Editor,
Whether you’ve never heard of Agile or you just finished your nth Agile project, you need to understand that Agile is here to stay! Are you, the Business Analyst, an extinct species in this new world? Is your career changing? Do you need new skills? Agile guru and visionary Scott Ambler shared his vision on what’s next for Agile and his thoughts on the role of the business analyst in the Agile world...
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Advance Your IT Career

The Keys to Successful Agile Requirements
by Susan Block, CBAP, Lead Business Systems Analyst
Change seems to be a popular word in this pivotal election year. When I think about change, I recognize that it impacts each of us in many forms. One of the biggest changes I’ve experienced as a Business Analyst was the transition from working requirements in a traditional project lifecycle to an Agile methodology. The change was introduced to my project team as a management directive with management support...

How to Be an Agile Business Analyst
by Craig Brown, Project Manager & Business Analyst
A question was asked in the Modern Analyst forums. I paraphrase: "How does a BA do their work in an Agile project? Can you give some practical examples?"  I've thought quite a bit about this topic and have experience with BAs on agile developments as a project manager and business analyst...

The Analyst: Khalid Bashir Simaan
Company: American Express
Title: Lead Business System Analyst
What is your main role there?
I'm a Lead Business and System Analyst working on a strategic project that is expected to last until 2010 and achieve several goals including cost cutting, better customer service and a more reliable infrastructure. My role on this project is primarily focused on setting infrastructure and storage requirements, performing data analysis and mapping, and modeling the flow of information from the provider to the requestor, which spans across several layers.

Lead Business Analyst: Sourabh Balakrishnan
Company: Zenta Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd. 
Title: Lead Business Analyst
What is your main role at Zenta?
I work in Zenta’s IT division which offers scalable end-to-end application development and management solutions from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout to the clients in the US. I work as liaison between Business clients and in-house technology division in delivering optimal IT value. My key roles include eliciting, analyzing and documenting, requirements using object-oriented and complementary techniques.

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