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We finally did it! We published the first issue of Modern Analyst eJournal. To kick it off, what better topic than getting started in your career as a business analyst? Guy Beauchamp wrote a great article with valuable advice for those looking to begin their journey as a business analyst.  Make sure to also check out the Analyst Diary for the profile of a real-life analyst.

Happy reading!
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Publishing Editor

So you want to be a Business Analyst?
by Guy Beauchamp
So you want to be a Business Analyst?

“Analyst – analyse thyself….” 

This is what Business Analysts do in the real world when embarking on a new project: they analyze…
  • Why? Why are we doing this project - what is the business problem/need and so what measures and targets for those measures will define what success is. These are known as objectives.
  • What? What needs to be done (from business/logical perspective) in order to affect the measures to the point where the project can be declared successful (i.e. it has got the targets) – these are known as requirements.
  • How? How will the requirements be realized? What are the rules that will deliver the requirements? These take the form of process models, process definitions, data models, data definitions and various non-functional requirement rules.
So – as any good BA should do when undertaking a new project – analyze what are your objectives in wanting to move to new career as a Business Analyst.
Put another way, how will you know (once you have done it) that it was a good move to make?

Jack of all Trades: Mostafa Elbarbary
Name: Mostafa Elbarbary
Company: ITSoft
Title: Software Engineer
Gives us a quick summary of your background
I graduated from Ain Shams University with a degree in Computer and Information Sciences and currently work as a Software Engineer at ITSoft.  My role requires me to contribute to analysis, design and implementation activities. I have knowledge of and experience with different Software Development Life-cycle models such as waterfall, spiral, iterative, and agile.

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