Is the BA an endangered species with the growth of Agile?


First, I'm a project focused software developer, team lead, designer, architect, jack of all trades, who has been on projects that have used various methodologies over the years, including of late some agile projects.

I'm not a big blog reader, or a big blogger, but like most people I have an opinion on things, and for some reason that opinion is valued by various people I have met in my life's journey, so I have been invited to provide input into this forum from a technical perspective. Doubtless, my blogs will be intermittent, and possibly contentious. So this marks my debut posting for the Better Projects blog.

I have been reading of late various blogs around the place (usually when hunting for other information) on the imminent demise of the role of the BA, with the growth of Agile and the perception that the role of a BA is not required in an Agile project.

From a BA community perspective there seems to be a sense of impending unquantified unease, if not one of impending doom. For the IT community, there is growing conjecture on whether the BA is really an unnecessary evil that can be dispensed with in an Agile project.

Author: Andrew Arch



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