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Put the "Business" back into Business Analysis 
Most of us, at one point or another, have been guilty of ignoring the business stakeholders - thinking that we know better.  How many times have business analysts mustered "The business doesn't know what they want?"  Ouch!  Let us all avoid that slippery slope...
The business stakeholders do know what they want - we just need to help them formulate and express their wants through sound business analysis.  To accomplish this, the Business Analyst must strive to understand the business domain and must listen to and collaborate with the business stakeholders.  
This month, take a quick tour of the health care industry from the BAs perspective and learn to play nice with the business.

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Adrian Marchis
Publishing Editor

US Healthcare – Online Resources for the Business Analyst
by Vessela Neytcheva, PMP
Did you know that you could make a positive impact in people’s lives by working as a Business Analyst (BA)? By describing data flows, writing use cases, creating diagrams, re-engineering current processes or mapping the system’s data outputs and inputs, you could make a change in somebody’s life. As impossible as it sounds, it is happening on a daily basis. Throughout the US the Business Analysts in the Healthcare industry work hand in hand with the Healthcare professionals in the hospitals, the insurance companies, the government, as well as regulatory and non-profit agencies and organizations to make the US Healthcare better.
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Requirements for My New Car: a Fable 
A Case for gathering and eliciting requirements collaboratively
by James Shoemaker
A lot of IT folks and or BA’s believe that if you create the requirements without the business, and then review the requirements with the business for confirmation, you can save a lot of time.  After all, creating requirements collaboratively just takes too long, and the business doesn't know what they want, anyways. In addition, we (IT or BA) know the system better than the business, so it just makes sense for us to create the requirements, and then let the business say yes or no...
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APRIL 2008 

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