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Have you ever seen a single person walking the face of this Earth who doesn’t have at least a couple of dreams held close to his or her heart – the ‘ideal’ state that everyone wants to achieve someday? Of course not! And yet we see that the ones who actually try to achieve that dream in a coherent and persistent manner are quite uncommon and the achievers are even rare. Bo Bennet, once said that “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement”. The biggest issue with people not reaching their potential is that they are not focused enough to sit down and chalk out an action plan that can take them to their glory.

Words like Productivity, Accomplishment and Success have been used up to a point where they seem to have lost their real essence. A simple search on Amazon will fetch you hundreds, if not thousands of books that make tall claims to help you realize your true potential and achieve your life goals without putting in significant effort. A whole world of research has been done on the subject and a lot has been said in this regard. Despite all this buzz, the majority of the dreamers are still is not even close to their destiny.

So seems to be the solution to this problem? Well, the first ingredient that needs to go into the recipe of your success is your unfaltering commitment and devotion to your own success. If you are not completely devoted to achieving your ideal self, no one can ever help you with anything in this regard. Before looking for external support, you will first need to make a vow that nothing will come into your way toward success and happiness. Then you can look for a success and accomplishment plan that is most suited to your personality.

I have spent considerable time coaching people for achieving success and accomplishing their goals, and this experience has helped me pinpoint the problems that people face on this daunting journey. As a result, I have developed an action framework aka Coach Clinton 7-Steps to Accomplishment Methodology, which has helped many people like you to positively reach their destination. This a method which is developed painstakingly after much due deliberation and the end product is a plan that generates great results.

Notice that each step in the process is a word that begins with the letter A. Why you ask? Because we have been taught to strive for excellence. In the United States the grade mark A signifies that level of excellence.

So without wasting any further time, let’s get into discussing the steps that can take you to your pathway to success and accomplishment.


As evident from the name, this magical method consists of seven steps that are divided into three broad categories titled the Mind Mapping Phase, the Plan & Execute Phase and the Complete & Learn Phase. The seven steps along with the relevant phases are discussed below:


In the first phase, the objective is to chalk out the course of action and plan the journey toward your individual performance improvement.

Step 1 – Appraise

This process starts off by a nonjudgmental appraisal or evaluation of your individual performance. The purpose behind this assessment is to analyze every aspect of your life and categorize your actions and habits as either catalysts or deterrents toward your performance. Once labelled, the negative patterns are singled out for elimination and the rest are further studied regarding their contribution toward your life success and only the ones worth your time are marked for further continuation.

Step 2 – Ascertain

Based on your ambitions, this step begins with a collaborative approach to determining a comprehensive set of goals for the short-term, mid-term and the long-term. Then you will create certain themes for your performance improvement and fit all the previously ascertained goals into relevant themes. Once the themes are complete with the subsequent goals, you will assign a priority to each theme so that you have a clear order of execution when you begin to take action.


Step 3 – Approach

Now that the themes and goals are established and prioritized, come up with a practical plan for the themes and goals that are on top of the priority list. It is also necessary to pin down the activities that can take you toward actualization of your goals. This will require more brainstorming and a list of activities to attach with each goal. This activities’ list can be a combination of both one-time tasks as well as recurring actions that become your new ‘success habits’.

Step 4 – Avert

Now, look at what you’ve accomplished so far. You have a set of themes, goals for each theme, and activities for each goal. Next, prepare for actual execution by enhancing your motivational level by creating and reciting your affirmation statement. So much of what we “do or don’t do” comes from our own self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. It is absolutely necessary to motivate ourselves with repetitious positive messages. Your personalized bespoke ‘Motivation Affirmation’ will catalyze this process of performance enhancement by clearing up your thinking process and making you more confident of your abilities and unique talents.

Step 5 – Actualize

After step 1 to 4 have set the rhythm for your performance enhancement process, stay on the right track with the right pace by adding some accountability in the equation. Your stated goals must be specific, realistic and measurable – now you must hold yourself accountable so that you can measure your actual progress along the way.


During this phase you should seek to review your progress and by evaluating the results of your work efforts and making determinations for how to change your plan to accomplish your desired results.

Step 6 – Accomplish

While it is necessary to work hard to make progress, it is equally important to stop for a minute to look at the distance you have covered and celebrate all your victories – no matter the size. This sense of accomplishment provides you with the fuel to keep pushing ahead and conquer even larger territories.

Step 7 – Analyze

In this last step, take the time to thoroughly review the entire process that started from goal setting and reached completion through planning and execution.

The objective of this step is to produce knowledge by learning from the process and use this knowledge to aim even higher next time around. This analysis will tell you more about yourself in terms of your working style, your ability to overcome obstacles, your strengths and weaknesses along with many other important insights which will guide your way for the coming expeditions.

This is very important – because this is where your self-enlightenment and self-awareness grow!

By signing up to go through this process, you will be doing yourself a huge favor – a favor that you will never regret especially when people will look at you as the ‘wow’ person who completely transformed his or her life, achieving something that was not even vaguely possible otherwise.

Follow my articles as I further deep dive into each of the seven steps.

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Author: Coach Clinton

Coach Clinton is an Effectiveness Coach with over 15 years of consulting and business analysis experience cutting across many industries and business models. His commission is to inspire and empower everyone he encounters to be their very best. Coach Clinton is committed to supporting your improved performance in your corporate function and your success in planning and achieving your personal career goals by partnering with you in creating and delivering your mission.

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