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 GenesisOne-Automatic Documentation For SQL Server

Business Analysts wear many hats in any organization: leader, analyst, negotiator, diplomat and on occasion a reluctant therapist. Regardless, BA’s are always on the front lines, working with competing sides of a potentially winning situation while keeping communication open and productive.


Developers operate in the software world, full of logical structures and requiring a very specialized knowledge. While it is possible to understand an organization’s business process, unless you have an extensive technical background, it is difficult to stay on top of what is going on in the development sphere. Most times things move forward well, but all too often there are rough spots to overcome in achieving deadlines and meeting stakeholder expectations.


Beginning with Microsoft SQL Server, GenesisOne is spearheading the development of cutting-edge software tools which aim to eliminate low level, time-consuming development tasks while at the same time provide valuable insight into the actual code being developed. The resulting output is easily understood by developers, project managers, stakeholders and, most importantly, Business Analysts. The result is increased understanding and significant reduction in development time on every iteration.


Typical issues nearly always revolve around misunderstood requirements. In any sprint, the general progression is:

  1. Document requirements for a feature

  2. Review with developers

  3. Explanation of technical approach (informal or documented)

  4. Development

  5. Testing

  6. UAT

  7. Deployment

Often it’s not until testing (step 5) is initiated that anything can be reviewed for meeting requirements. Even though the process is designed for this, the problem happens far too often, leading to cost and time overruns. Catching issues as early as possible is critical to any discipline.


Our technology helps monitor development (step 4) to see if the code meets requirements AS IT IS BEING DEVELOPED.

  • Catch code problems as the code is written

  • Reduce or eliminate bottlenecks

  • Spot problems before they affect timelines

  • Understand what the code is doing without knowing code

Because our tools are not cloud-based, all code is secure. In addition, the high quality documentation our tools generate can be used by anyone and shared across the organization, regardless of physical location.





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Trividh Patel, CBAP is specialised in providing instructor led classroom as well as online Business Analysis Trainings.

With his Business Analysis Trainings, organizations are able to differentiate their business analysis capabilities, ensure functional quality of solution and improve customer satisfaction. With these trainings, individuals are able to confidently handle BA interviews, get into high profile roles and earn better salary.

As of 2016, Trividh Patel has about 15 years of experience in Business Analysis and Consulting primarily in Insurance, Banking and Financial Services domain. He has worked for leading IT Services companies as Sr. Business Consultant, Lead Business Analyst, and as Project Manager. He has executed several business analysis projects at both onsite and offshore locations for leading/ reputed clients from USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Japan and India. He has good track record of leading team of Business Analysts to deliver requirements package.

Trividh Patel has done MBA in Systems and Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics, both from University of Mumbai and is Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®, Canada) since Mar 2012.

To know about various business analysis trainings please visit:


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RG Freeman Group is a leading provider of training and consulting services in Agile Transformation, Business Analysis, Project Management and IT Service Management.  We offer both onsite and virtual live online courses, aligned to the latest standards for both the PMI - BA Practice Guide and the IIBA BABOK Guide Version 3.  Many of our online courses are guaranteed to run!  


Why Choose the RGF Group?


World Class Instructors – Professional certifications combined with real-world experience. 

Here’s what our customers are saying about RGF Group classes and instructors:

“This has been the most interactive class I have taken, definitely the best of the best.  Good pace, clear explanations, good all the way around.”  Business Process Modeling Using BPMN Student.

“Best course in a long time! Upper management needs to take this course!”  - BA Essentials Student

“Excellent instructor.  His techniques kept my attention and interest.  Most engaged in a class that I have ever been.”

“Keeps group engaged and is excellent at providing real life examples of processes and function.”

“Great Course! Expanded on resources I already use in my job, as well as gave new ideas on models that will be helpful in presenting project ideas and business cases.”   - Strategic Business Analysis Student


New Courses – Updates reflecting latest versions of PMI and IIBA Body of Knowledge guides.  8 updated BABOK Version 3 courses were just approved and endorsed by IIBA!

Practical Workshops - Real Projects…Real Templates…Real Results!


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Tesseract Learning is a leading learning solutions provider serving a wide array of industries with innovative learning solutions. Having years of experience and expertise in the eLearning industry, we have served the sectors of Information Technology, Finance and Banking, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Hospitality, Healthcare and Telecom. Tesseract Learning is a team of passionate and experienced eLearning professionals who go the extra mile in understanding customer requirements and help them reach their organizational goals. Our team is well-equipped with a number of authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline 2, Custom HTML, Adobe CS, Lectora, Adobe Captivate 9, Articulate Presenter and QuizMaker, iSpring etc. Tesseract Learning offers customized eLearning solutions using a variety of instructional methods such as Story-based, Gamification based and Scenario-driven learning. We also employ a rapid eLearning development methodology to meet project expectations where higher volume or quicker turnaround is required. Using responsive HTML5 framework, we offer effective mLearning solutions which operate on a wide array of digital platforms. With a skilled team of native translators, voice-over artists and linguistic experts we here at Tesseract Learning also offer localization and internationalization of eLearning services in more than 30 global languages. For details, visit and

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MindCollect is a new Information Requirements Management solution that helps clearly profile information requirements and continually enhance planning, decision-making, and budgeting. Users can leverage over a dozen Information Need templates to profile their own information requirements, and send requests to others. With the Information Requirements Dashboard, users get a global bird's eye view of the information needs associated with their context -- tasks, roles, decisions, documents, projects and more. MindCollect helps users see where action is needed to enhance decision quality, business performance, productivity, and reduce spending.

Who can benefit from MindCollect? 

Management Consultants analyze capabilities and processes to see where the flow of information is suboptimal and can be improved significantly

  •  IT Leaders align with business process owners to identify unmet information requirements and strategically prioritize IT projects
  • Research organizations ensure that their reports will answer a customer's’ questions and provide useful insights
  • HR & Hiring Managers hire smarter and onboard faster with job previews that specify the flows of information to and from roles
  • Knowledge Managers enhance cross-organizational information sharing by ensuring that intranets and portals display relevant content
  • Business Resilience leaders specify information flows associated with emergency incident response plans, procedures and situation reports

For more information, contact


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textografo allows to generate diagrams faster from text. You don't need to format shapes, position or connect them, textografo do it for you. it goes very fast to convert ideas into diagrams.


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Signavio is the world's first integrated platform combining both Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Decision Management (BDM).  The solution provides an ideal environment for modeling, analyzing and improving your business processes and decisions. Signavio offers both On-Premise and SaaS based solutions for modeling business processes and decisions using BPMN 2.0 and DMN 1.0.

Established in 2009 with offices in Berlin, Singapore and the Silicon Valley, the company stands out through its technical innovation and understanding in the area of Business Process Management as well as a pioneer in the area of collaborative process design. Signavio’s BPM solution was designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The Signavio Process Editor offers a collaborative environment that includes as many process participants as desired in process design, making it possible for any organization to achieve process excellence.

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The Pierson Requirements Group, Inc. was founded in 1990 and is recognized by knowledgeable companies as the leading provider of practical hands-on requirements training and testing training.  Pierson also conducts process analysis and process improvement initiatives for helping companies implement a cost effective repeatable process for software development and project management that best fits into their environment and incorporates industry best practices.  Pierson’s training programs improve the project performance and team work of the project team leading to a 25% to 33% of cost and time savings for the entire project. 


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A Comparison: CBAP®, CPRE-FL & PMI-PBA® With the addition of PMI’s new certification in Business Analysis in the name of PMI-PBA® the latest question amongst the Business Analysis community is what is the difference when compared to the existing Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) certification from IIBA, Canada and Certified Professional in Requirements Engineering-Foundation Level (CPRE-FL) from International Requirements Engineering Board, Germany. Also if one is looking at the certification which one should they explore? The US Bureau of Labor Stastics has projected that the number of BA jobs is set to increase by about 19% from 2012 during the year 2022 due to the criticality of BA as being a vital function that defines business requirements to shape and scope overall output of projects leading to a higher success rate for businesses. To ensure a better and a consistent quality of requirements in projects it thus becomes critical that the BA’s are skilled, knowledgeable in the best practices and industry standards. For this BA’s are required to acquire these skill sets through certifications offered by the 3 institutes mentioned above in the context of this article. For this important decision on the choice of the certification an individual needs a clear insight about the offerings and the scope that each certification offers. Let’s look at the highest level as to what each of them offers in their framework for individuals to look forward to: While PMI-PBA certification is more focussed on addressing BA in the context of project and program management with a clear orientation on requirements management and development, the CBAP shall look at
incorporating enterprise analysis in addition to requirements management. There is an existing, well-established body of knowledge developed by the IIBA, covering all areas of business analysis. The CPRE-FL shall lay special emphasis on covering the fundamentals of the Requirements Engineering domain, methodology and available techniques. Now with the coverage of contents addressed by the 3 certifications let’s look into the eligibility criteria and costing to be considered: So to conclude based on your goal choose the certification and if: • you are an individual wanting to continue to naturally update your skills in lines with project management explore the PMI-PBA certification. • you are open to exploring a wider ambit specialised to more BA activities then explore the CBAP certification. • you are willing to pay an in-depth attention to requirements then CPRE-FL might be a better bet!

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GroupMap offers cloud-based collaboration and decision making tools in real-time perfect for local and distributed teams. We offer templates to help analysts with:

·       Stakeholder analysis mapping

·       Risk analysis

·       4L retrospective

·       Agile retrospective

·       Raid analysis mapping


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