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Lucidchart  --  VISIT
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Lucidchart is a visual productivity platform that can help you understand and share ideas, information and processes with clarity.

Use Lucidchart  to visualize a SWOT analysis, project timelines, "as-is" and "to-be" business processes, and project dependencies with a variety of process flows, PERT charts, and swim lane diagrams. You can create your documents from scratch or use free templates to get started. You can also automate your work with features like data linking, which allows you to connect your data to a diagram and eliminate duplicative data entry. Take a look at our blog to find additional ways to use Luicdchart to make your job easier.

Once you've created your visuals, get approval or buy-in from another team by sharing your documents. Make your visuals the single source of truth as you collaborate in real-time. Embed your visuals anywhere you work, from Powerpoint presentations to G-Suite apps.

Try it out with a free account, or take advantage of our advanced features in pro, team or enterprise accounts.

Carleton Sojourner  --  VISIT
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Carleton Sojourner LTD is a European consultancy specialising in process improvement, data policy, and project management of integration projects.

We simplify. Helping you find ways to cut out unnecessary work or make better use of your existing resources.

We empower. Getting relevant and reliable data from all areas of the business so you can make better decisions.

And we're boring. We get things done and get them done quietly.

Please do contact us if you'd like to chat about any needs you have.

Quality-One International  --  VISIT
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Quality-One offers Quality and Reliability training, consulting, and support for businesses seeking to improve the quality of their products and processes. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Quality-One provides expertise that is tailored to the needs, wants, and desires of our clients. 

Here are just a few of the Core Competencies that allow us to give the best-in-class service that our customers have come to expect:

• Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FEMA)
• Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
• Six Sigma
• Statistical Process Control (SPC)
• Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D)
• 5 Why & 5 How
• Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

We have the knowledge and experience to achieve your goals. Contact Quality-One for expert Quality and Reliability training, consulting, and support.


The Inteq Group - Staffing Services  --  VISIT
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Internal talent development pipelines often cannot keep pace with the increasing needs for professional business analysts and technical professionals. The resulting talent gap often results in deferring important projects, slower delivery schedules or compromised quality of the deliverables.

Additionally, the skills and competencies of business and I.T. professionals vary greatly - ranging from order-takers that merely capture subject matter expert (SME) and stakeholder wishes and gripes - to professional analysts and technical professionals that fully engage SMEs. The difference is critical to successful outcomes.

We have over 20 years of experience recruiting and developing business and systems analysts and technical professionals with the critical thinking skills, experience and best practices to fully engage SMEs and stakeholders to rapidly comprehend, thoroughly analyze, clearly specify and rapidly execute complex requirements.

Inteq is uniquely qualified to leverage this experience and industry presence to bridge the talent gap to provide professional consulting and staffing services to support today’s agile, fast-paced, increasingly complex environment.

  • IT Consulting Services
    • Business Process Reengineering
    • Business Systems Requirements
    • Business Knowledge Transfer
    • Big Data, BI and Analytics
    • Business System Modernization
    • Custom Applications & Web Services

  • IT Staffing Services
    • Business Process Analysts
    • Business Systems Analysts
    • Business Data Modelers
    • Data Scientists
    • .Net Developers
    • SF Developers

Cafe eLearning  --  VISIT
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Cafe eLearning is a blog dedicated to create an awareness about eLearning, its applications, advantages and implementation. We live in a digital world today that’s pacing at an exponential speed, chasing new heights and reaching new realms. Computers, mobile phones and the internet are revolutionizing everything that comes in their way and education is not an exception to this digital revolution. eLearning is a revolutionary concept that is going to uproot the education system that we know today. Schools and colleges are being replaced with online learning sites and college degrees are being replaced with online tutorials. eLearning is breaking the all the stereotypes that once haunted the education system with ridiculous course fee and economic disparity. eLearning is increasingly taking the lead role in business education, corporate training and professional workshops, driving new skill set acquisition and knowledge management across diverse organizations. With concepts like gamification and story based learning, eLearning courses are aimed at being more educational, interactive and fun at the same time. The blog has numerous articles on eLearning, growth and future of the eLearning industry, ways one can device online instructional courses, roles gamification and story based learning have in revolutionizing the medium of instruction and so on.

FEAC Institute  --  VISIT
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The FEAC™ Institute, in partnership with the California State University at East Bay prides itself on being the premier Training and Certification Institution for Enterprise Architects. Since opening in 2002, FEAC™ has graduated thousands of Certified Enterprise Architects (CEAs) worldwide. Our program features the best thought leaders and instructors in the field of enterprise architecture, including John Zachman, the creator of the Zachman Framework™, considered the father of Enterprise Architecture and author of numerous EA publications. He has instructed in the Certification program since FEAC™ Institute’s inception. We have the most robust pool of world-renown instructors who teach in our programs - not academics, but real EA practitioners.

What sets our programs and courses apart?

Our Fantastic Track Record Over the Past 14 Years.
We have graduated over 2000 professional CEAs including a large number of the Chief Enterprise Architects in industry and across government (dozens), their architecture staffs and from the support contractor community. 

Partnership with Zachman International®
We are owned by Zachman International- the education and consulting company owned by John A. Zachman. As the person considered to be the originator of the Enterprise Architecture space, our curriculum and mission are constantly being refined to offer the state of the art in EA. This also allows us to offer the coveted Zachman® Certification as well. More info at

Intensive, Proven and Comprehensive Curriculum
We teach Enterprise Architecture as mandated and applied by the US Federal Government, covering an assortment of frameworks and methodologies in an intensive and comprehensive program, while remaining tool vendor neutral.

Hands-On Practicum Project, the Cornerstone of our Approach
Unique to FEAC™ is an EA practicum project requirement, providing a valuable, relevant and hands-on experience that enhances and reinforces the lectures and course work while also helping to develop important architect communication skill. Our students often bring back to their organizations an EA, that many of our CEAs describe as having 5 to 10 times the value of the investment.



The Inteq Group - Tools & Methods  --  VISIT
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Great Talent + Best Practice Tools, Techniques
and Methods = Successful Outcomes

Great talent is essential to successful outcomes.

However, great talent alone - without access to best practice tools, techniques, and methods – is significantly less efficient and often results in substantial variation in the quality of outcomes and associated deliverables.

Conversely, great talent coupled with best practice tools, techniques and methods results in efficient utilization of talent and ensures rapid consistent delivery of high quality outcomes and associated deliverables – within projects and across the enterprise.

Inteq's BPR360/Framework™, MoDA/Framework™ and Agile/Framework™ form a cohesive, integrated body of knowledge that provide the blueprint, toolkit and roadmap for business process reengineering, business requirements and modernization, and business transformation.

These three dynamic frameworks and associated methods - developed and refined over decades of experience - are the foundation of and infused across Inteq’s consulting services, staffing resources and training programs.Great Talent + Best Practice Tools, Techniques
and Methods = Successful Outcomes

Great talent is essential to successful outcomes.

However, great talent alone - without access to best practice tools, techniques, and methods – is significantly less efficient and often results in substantial variation in the quality of outcomes and associated deliverables.

Conversely, great talent coupled with best practice tools, techniques and methods results in efficient utilization of talent and ensures rapid consistent delivery of high quality outcomes and associated deliverables – within projects and across the enterprise.



The Inteq Group - Learning and Development  --  VISIT
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Inteq Anytime eLearning™ - Designed for Busy I.T. and Business Professionals

Using the experience gleaned from designing and conducting thousands of live training programs, we perfected the art of eLearning via our Anytime eLearning™ training method and delivered via our world class eLearning portal.

Inteq’s Anytime eLearning™ enables you to learn on your schedule and at your own pace. Anytime eLearning™ courses are organized into session modules optimized for self-paced eLearning - anytime, anywhere, any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop).

The video portion of the learning sessions are conducted by the same team of world class instructors as our live training - and presented via professionally developed video session modules created and edited in our studio and optimized for web streaming.

Anytime eLearning™ provides an immersive learning experience similar to live training. In addition to the highly engaging session video stream, each learning module includes a full range of FAQs, subject matter best practice tips, downloadable content items and the ability to submit questions to the instructor.

Participants have access to the Anytime eLearning™ course modules for 30 days from starting the course. This enables participants to go back and review the material at their own pace and time schedule to reinforce and further internalize course concepts.

Participant’s in Inteq's Anytime eLearning™ also receive the same course workbook, certificate of completion and CEUs (Continuing Education Units) as our live training participants.



Vitamin T  --  VISIT
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Vitamin T is a premiere creative staffing agency in Los Angeles that offers services like recruiting, agency staffing, creative staffing, digital marketing staffing, advertising staffing, advertising agency staffing, freelance staffing, and temp to perm staffing. We are a one stop destination for both creative talent and creative agencies to find jobs and employees respectively. Our team consists of staff and technical experts who have more than 10 years of experience in hiring creative talent for creative agencies. We know the bad repercussions of a bad hire, especially in a creative or digital agency which require a talent pool that is skilled, experienced and above all, creative. Be it graphic designers, copy writers, developers, UI/UX architects, project managers or digital marketing managers, our team is skilled and experienced enough to recognize the right talent and match them with the right creative/digital agency. So far, we have interviewed more than a million talented individuals and have had around 5600 agency clients. We primarily follow a 9 step approach to ensure that the right agency finds the right talent, and offer 110% money back guarantee. Vitamin T is a division of Aquent, world’s largest creative staffing agency which serves 2/3rd of the Fortune 500 companies. 

Confluentia  --  VISIT
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Confluentia is a boutique New York, London, São Paulo and Poland-based consultancy that provides technology solutions and top-quality business analysts and project managers for capital-markets and carbon-markets companies. 

Broad range of expertise across multiple products (carbon, structured products, fixed income, credit, equity, money markets, FX) and project types (trade execution & management, structuring & portfolio management, P&L, market & reference data, settlements, confirmations, transaction warehousing etc). 

Visit us online at or follow us on Twitter: @Confluentia_com


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