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Tools of the Trade
Having strong analytical skills is a great thing for every analyst.  Possessing excellent communication and negotiation skills are a must.  However, having the right tools is what makes the analyst really productive.  Be sure to check out the Wall of Wonder for exploring requirements, use iGrafx and Requisite Pro to document business capabilities and processes, uncover security threats and requirements using simple checklists, and dive into the world of data analysis tools.

- Adrian Marchis, Editor

Exploring Requirements with a Wall of Wonder
by Ellen Gottesdiener, Principal Consultant, EBG Consulting
In this article, I describe one very effective collaborative technique -- the Wall of Wonder (WoW) -- that helps software teams produce the kind of detailed, sharply defined requirements that effectively guide development. As an "emergent" deliverable, requirements evolve through exploration and examination using representative forms such as low-fidelity models and prototypes. A collaborative approach allows business and IT specialists to explore their requirements through these means, while accommodating the necessary fluidity of the requirements process.
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Advance Your IT Career

Integrating iGrafx FlowCharter and Requisite Pro
by Susan Block, CBAP, Lead Business Systems Analyst
While working on a Business Architecture effort several years ago, I collaborated on developing a new internal standard for business process and business capability description. This article will present an approach for documenting and aligning business capabilities, business processes, and functional requirements by integrating two distinct tools that leverage robust repositories and object metadata.

Security Tool Chest: Checklists
by Stewart Allen, Certified Information Security Consultant
Every career has a set of skills that one needs to do their job, and a set of tools to carry out the various tasks required to display their skills.  Same is the case for the analyst involved in security assessment.

Data Analysis for Business Analysts: Tools of the Trade
by Loretta Mahon Smith, CCP, CBIP, CDMP, Data Architect
Data analysis is the capturing of data requirements, developing models that reflect those requirements and creating a design to store the data. You can accomplish this with a pencil, paper, and the right skill-set. But it can be done much more quickly and consistently if the process is automated.

Business Analyst: Kashif Riaz
Company: Scottish Widows
Title: Business Analyst
What is your main role there?
I work as a Business Analyst on a Security and Data compliance project to achieve the compliance of company policies and process with ISO 27001 and Sarbanes Oxley standards. My role is mainly to interview business unit heads to gather information about the current status of processes and policies. On the basis of gathered information I writing Impact Analysis/Gap Analysis reports and then defining the metrics that show whether departments or business units are following standards.

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