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Ultimate Business Analyst Guide: Become a Superstar BA  --  VISIT
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In the US, the average business analyst salary is $91,512. This number rose significantly since the $82,493 average salary reported in 2010, and is more than double the median household income. The report summarized salary figures from five other countries in US dollars:

The Ultimate Business Analyst Guide is a course designed for anyone who is, would like to be, or performs the role of the business analyst. Unlike most of the Business Analysis courses out there, this one has been designed in such a way that even someone who doesn't have a business or technical background would be able to learn about the core responsibilities of a Business Analyst.

The course is a little over 2 hours and will also include resources for you to help out with the CBAP certification! I will eventually add practice exam questions as we progress in this class. There are several exercise files included in this course and more resources will be added on a weekly basis. You will go through the following 7 sections:


Chapter 1: Overview of Business Analysis

Chapter 2: Initiating a Project

Chapter 3: Planning & Collecting Requirements

Chapter 4: Validating & Controlling your Requirements during Project Execution

Chapter 5: Implementing & Closing your Project


Upon completion of this course and passing the quiz successfully, you will get a certificate of completion as well! This would be a great addition to your resume and will definitely give you an edge over others who are trying to get into this field. Once signed up, you will have lifelong access to this course.

The course gives beginners as well as professionals the tools they need to understand their role, identify and work with stakeholders, determine the real problem, find solutions, sharpen their analytical skills, deliver change, and, as a result, add value to their organization.

Business Analysis Foundation eLearning  --  VISIT
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This accredited interactive and audio based e-learning course covers the range of concepts, approaches and techniques that are applicable to Business Analysis. Candidates are required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of these aspects of Business Analysis in order to pass the Foundation exam.

The Training Bytesize e-learning will cover everything you need to pass the Foundation exam first time. Accredited by BCS you can have the confidence that our courses will cover the full BCS syllabus.

This Business Analysis Foundation course offers learners:

  • Online access to the accredited multimedia e-learning course for one whole year (approx. 15 hours of study time)
  • Interactive quizzes and mock exam simulators to test knowledge ahead of the exam
  • Access to qualified experts around the globe

Introduction to Axure 7.0: Beginner to Intermediate Skills (Australia and New Zealand)  --  VISIT
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Axure RP is a leading design tool used by UX Professionals, Business Analysts and Product Managers across the globe to transform their user interface designs into interactive web-based wireframes and prototypes.

Cognitive Ink - Approved Axure Training Providers

We are an approved Axure training provider for the Australia and New Zealand regions and are listed on the official Axure Support page. Our public Axure courses are held in Sydney, but we regularly deliver onsite training across Australia and New Zealand for our corporate clients. One-on-one training for individuals is run in Sydney, dependent on booking volumes.

Who is this course for?

Axure is used by UX professionals, Business Analysts, Product Managers and many others involved in the design of software services and products.


$350 AUD (plus GST)

Course outline

4 hours

A hands-on four-hour workshop which providing the essential skills for creating an intermediate interactive prototype in Axure, the intention being that participants can immediately apply the skills within the context of their projects. Training includes both presentation and hands-on learning examples. Training materials will be provided.

Topics covered (customisable, if required):

  • Introduction to Axure
  • The design phase
  • Pages and the sitemap
  • Page notes
  • Widgets
  • Masters
  • Notes
  • Interactions
  • Dynamic panels
  • Formatting
  • Generating interactive prototypes
  • Distributing prototypes to clients
  • Generating page images
  • Generating functional specification documents
  • Flow diagrams
  • Creating great screens: Practical design tips
  • Fast and furious: Best practice tips for efficient prototyping

Fundamentals of Business Analysis  --  VISIT
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Course Overview

This course provides everything you need to get started in your career in business analysis.

Our courses focus on how analysis is performed in the real world, and they’re full of examples, case studies and lessons learned from actual Business Analysts on the job.

This is a perfect first course in any business analysis curriculum, and also counts for four Professional Development Units (PDUs) or contact hours.

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1. Business Analysis

  • Overview of Business Analysis
  • Overview of Requirements
  • Role of the Business Analyst

2. Stakeholders

  • Who are they? And why do they matter?
  • Stakeholder Interests
  • Handling Stakeholder Conflicts

3. Lifecycles

  • Systems Development Lifecycles
  • Project Lifecycles
  • Product Lifecycles
  • Requirement Lifecycles
  • Seventh Morning’s Requirements Development Lifecycle

4. Forming Requirements

  • Overview of Requirements
  • Attributes of Good Requirements
  • Types of Requirements
  • Requirement Sources
  • Gathering Requirements from Stakeholders
  • Common Requirements Documents

5. Transforming Requirements

  • Stakeholder Needs Analysis
  • Decomposition Analysis
  • Additive/Subtractive Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Notations (UML & BPMN)
  • Flowcharts
  • Swim Lane Flowcharts
  • Entity-Relationship Diagrams
  • State-Transition Diagrams
  • Data Flow Diagrams
  • Use Case Modeling
  • Business Process Modeling

6. Finalizing Requirements

  • Presenting – 10 Tips
  • Presenting Requirements
  • Socializing Requirements and Gaining Acceptance
  • Prioritizing Requirements

7. Managing Requirements Assets

  • Change Control
  • Requirements Tools

Working with Use Cases  --  VISIT
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Use cases are one of the most commonly used techniques for analyzing and modeling systems and business processes.  They are a core component of every Business Analyst's toolbox.

This course will give you everything you need to know to get up and running with this powerful methodology of analysis.

The course consists of four lectures plus a case study.  It should take no longer than two hours to complete.

Students will be able to download a use case template for their own personal or business use.


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