Jan 22, 2017
Let’s face it, there are just some conversations that you don’t want to have. There are some people you simply don’t want to talk to, but what happens when we don’t have these conversations? Everyone loses! It is perfectly natural for us to avoid difficult conversations. We f...
Let’s face it, there are just some conversations that you don’t want to have. There are some people you simply don’t want to talk to, but what happens when we don...
Is your team struggling with the transition to modern requirements practices? As many teams explore and experiment with modern practices and agile, they often jump to apply tactica...
Every organization has some degree of “chaotic” culture. Some of them breed chaos and unconsciously operate in chaos. Project management is designed to operate with str...

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A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues surprised me with a statement he made during our team meeting that the information technology age is coming to an end. I looked at him in complete disbelief. How can the advances that have brought so much convenience to our lives be said to be coming to an end.  I thought he must be mistaken, and just like...
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Chileshe Mulenga CBAP PMP
Chileshe Mulenga CBAP PMP
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Business Analyst and Project Manager are team players on a project. As is common the Business Analyst and Project Manager sometimes have conflicting approaches during a project. Having frequently taken up dual roles of a project manager and Business analyst during the course of my career, I have gained some insight on the d...
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Paul Crosby
Paul Crosby
There are hundreds of traits that make up a good manager, but here are the top 9 skills we recommend for a business analysis leader - or any leader in general. 1. See Design as a Differentiator Anyone can design but not everyone designs well.  Who cares?  Frustrated users care.  Seeing design as important sets you apart from all ot...
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A Business Analyst in Obama's Administration?
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The 8 key responsibilities for Business Analysts on software projects
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I want to be a Business Analyst… Raise me, mentor me, and set me free!
“Once upon a time, young people learned a trade through years of apprenticeship.” Have you noticed an interesting dilemma faced by those wanting to e... Read More...

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