May 25, 2015
A UML Use Case is an atomic system function with a well-defined and standardized specification, which is performed by or o behalf of a system user or ‘actor’. This article describes how a UML Use Case Specification should be written.
A UML Use Case is an atomic system function with a well-defined and standardized specification, which is performed by or o behalf of a system user or ‘actor’. This...
In this article we discuss the benefits of using an appropriate template as the vehicle for delivering requirements. We also cover how a review and approval process tailored to sta...
So many BAs complain that their role is under-appreciated, and that their voices are not heard when they have a recommendation for the business stakeholders or the delivery team. I...

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How To Effectively Use Observation in Projects
Internships can provide some great learning opportunities. I was lucky enough to learn one of the best lessons on the first day of the very first internship of mine. My mentor at the time asked that, for the first 4 weeks, I invest time in every aspect of his business to learn how everything functio... Read More...

Every Business Analyst Must Negotiate Like a Pro
In the larger context of life, it is very clear that negotiation skills are very important and that those that have them are better off than those who don’t.  What about in business analysis? Are negotiation skills important?  The answer is an emphatic: YES! You bet they are!&n... Read More...

From Developer in India to Business Analyst Abroad
Business Systems Analyst as a Career Option If you are an IT professional in India, thinking of working abroad, you might want to consider a business/systems analyst position. Why? It’s a position in high demand with high earning potential and which can serve as a great foundation for movin... Read More...

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April 09 Editor’s Note: Should the BA care about BPM and SOA?
  Yep!       OK… this could have been a really short editor’s note but I’ll wait to practice word frugality for my Twitter po... Read More...

A framework for defining competencies for business systems analysts
If you are managing business or systems analysts, trying to identify the skills and competencies required of your analysts is not an easy task. The ex... Read More...

BA ABCs: “A” is for Activity Diagram
This blog begins a series on BA tools, based on my book “The Business Analyst’s Handbook”. In each blog, I’ll be moving through the alphabet, highligh... Read More...

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Templates & AidesTemplates & Aides: find and share business analysis templates as well as other useful aides (cheat sheets, posters, reference guides) in our Templates & Aides repository.  Here are some examples:
* Requirements Template
* Use Case Template
* BPMN Cheat Sheet

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