Aug 03, 2015
 Managers often ask me what return on investment (ROI) they can expect from the money they spend on training, process improvement, and tools for requirements engineering. I’d love to give them a nice, tidy answer—but I can’t. As with so many questions in software, the correct ...
 Managers often ask me what return on investment (ROI) they can expect from the money they spend on training, process improvement, and tools for requirements engineering. I&rs...
Solution Anthropology encompasses the work of anyone who works directly with the end users so the work is coordinated and consistent. Therefore Solution Anthropology is not one rol...
 They took a software approach for designing MIDAS as opposed to a system approach. For example, they probably created a data base quickly, then tried to figure how to get dat...

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How To Effectively Use Observation in Projects
Internships can provide some great learning opportunities. I was lucky enough to learn one of the best lessons on the first day of the very first internship of mine. My mentor at the time asked that, for the first 4 weeks, I invest time in every aspect of his business to learn how everything functio... Read More...

Every Business Analyst Must Negotiate Like a Pro
In the larger context of life, it is very clear that negotiation skills are very important and that those that have them are better off than those who don’t.  What about in business analysis? Are negotiation skills important?  The answer is an emphatic: YES! You bet they are!&n... Read More...

From Developer in India to Business Analyst Abroad
Business Systems Analyst as a Career Option If you are an IT professional in India, thinking of working abroad, you might want to consider a business/systems analyst position. Why? It’s a position in high demand with high earning potential and which can serve as a great foundation for movin... Read More...

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Why I Don't Use BPMN
First off, let me just say that I really like the BPMN standard, especially the 2.0 Beta specification.  I find the notation to be a powerful and... Read More...

A Business Analyst in Obama's Administration?
Recently, the media was buzzing with news that president-elect Obama named Nancy Killefer, a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, as the... Read More...

What will you do to increase your value as a Business Analyst in 2009?
I’ve had the chance to interview numerous candidates for business analyst positions and there is one question I like to ask every one of them: “Wha... Read More...

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