Apr 15, 2018
In at the deep end So, you’ve just heard you’re going to be the Business Analyst on an Agile team that’s going in to a Discovery and it’s your first one.  For my first Discovery, it was daunting let me tell you. I already knew quite a few tools and techniques a BA sho...
In at the deep end So, you’ve just heard you’re going to be the Business Analyst on an Agile team that’s going in to a Discovery and it’s your first one....
Customers are demanding better service and they know they can get it and BAs have a duty to provide it through Lean Business Analysis (LBA). Not because customers see better servic...
I understand that the business analyst does not have the authority to make decisions about the project or the product, but the business analyst does make decisions. What are the de...

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LN Mishra, CBAP
LN Mishra, CBAP
Traceability is one of the lesser understood aspects of business analysis. It is indeed quite hard to maintain good traceability unless automated. This is why BABoK® warns us being theoretical about traceability. In this article, I would like to explain traceability concepts with help of an example. BABoK® definition of traceability: ...
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Hitendra 01
Hitendra 01
Most IT jobs have a clear, specific job description and career path. However, the business analyst career path tends to vary, as do the descriptions from job to job. The business analyst career path is best. Because, “There are career tracks that zigzag back and forth between IT and business. Someone might start as a business analyst, and the...
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What is Data Analytics? To understand the meaning of Predictive Analytics, let’s describe what Data is first. Data is a collection of facts, information, and observations related to a context. The data can be either structured or unstructured, stored in databases, spreadsheets, files, etc. Data analytics is the science of examining the data ...
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Agile Development: What we can learn from property developers – or what they’ve learned from us
Readers of this blog (both of you; I know you’re out there!) may have gathered by now that I’m a big fan of mixing it up: art/science/business/philoso... Read More...

April 09 Editor’s Note: Should the BA care about BPM and SOA?
  Yep!       OK… this could have been a really short editor’s note but I’ll wait to practice word frugality for my Twitter po... Read More...

BA 2.0
“Web 2.0” allows increasingly collaborative work among teams of varying roles, locales and technical abilities and facilitates the move toward the bus... Read More...

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