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Find templates and other useful aides for the business analyst. LinkedIn Group
Requirements Template

Use Case Template

BPMN Cheat Sheet
The focused BA: why I still believe in specialized roles in software projects The focused BA: why I still believe in specialized roles in software projects
I’ve come to the conclusion that most projects produce better results when they have specialized people playing the various roles, rather than trying to be resourceful and wear multiple hats. Read More...

3 Visual Models a New BA Should Know How to Use 3 Visual Models a New BA Should Know How to Use
Visual models don’t have to be complicated. Unless your organization uses formal UML or BPMN standards, focus on learning to create sim... Read more...
The IT Professional and the Driving Instructor The IT Professional and the Driving Instructor
Driving Lessons. We all did it. We all know how that very first one went. It was described to us that the clutch should be engaged, pla... Read more...

Revealing Invisible Requirements Revealing Invisible Requirements
No matter how thorough a job you do on requirements elicitation, there is no way to be certain that you have found them all. No little ... Read more...
Business Analysis Resolutions Business Analysis Resolutions
As a Business Analysts we work with goals and objectives of our clients or companies in order to deliver business value, but how often ... Read more...

Three Audacious Goals for Business Analysts in 2013
As we start a new year many of us will take the time to reflect on our accomplishments from 2012 and plan our goals for 2013. We can set small or larg... Read More...

Hey IIBA, What’s Up With That?
Recently, I was asked by the IIBA to present a talk at one of their chapter meetings. I am reprinting here my response to that invitation in the hope ... Read More...

BA ABCs: “C” is for Class Diagram BA ABCs: “C” is for Class Diagram
Continuing the ABC series for Business Analysts, Howard Podeswa created the next installment titled "BA ABCs: “C” is for Class Diagram" as an article ... Read More...

Brainstorming: A Powerful Tool in Business Analysis
(Image credit:   Tired of holding those long and boring meetings with your analysts and stakeh... Read More...

Come to me with problems, not solutions
 “Bring me solutions, not problems”. How often have we heard those words uttered by management? In the main it’s a sensible ask however, for a Bu... Read More...

How Do I Become A Business Analyst?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions I have encountered ever since I have started training business analysts. Before exploring ‘how’, on... Read More...

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Work-Life Balance for the Business AnalystsBusiness Analysts Need to Use Clear Communication - Always LinkedIn Group on LinkedIn: connect with fellow business analysts in order to develop and expand your professional network.
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Templates & Aides: find/share business analysis templates as well as other useful aides in our new Templates & Aides repository, such as: LinkedIn Group
* Requirements Template

* Use Case Template

* BPMN Cheat Sheet
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Big Data Analytics for Dummies
Finally, a Big Data book written for business analysts, BI professionals, and data scientists!  Big Data Analytics for Dummies is a valuable resource that addresses the practical dilemmas surrounding Big Data...

A Buyer’s Guide to Customer Analytics
Discover the five crucial criteria of a customer analytics platform in A Buyer’s Guide to Customer Analytics now.

Free Analytics software: Alteryx Project Edition
Alteryx Project Edition provides you with a single solution that delivers the data blending, analytics, and sharing capabilities of Alteryx with just enough allowed runs of your workflow to solve one business problem or to complete one project.

The Business Analyst's Guide to Hadoop
Get started with Hadoop using this whitepaper, "The Business Analyst's Guide to Hadoop".

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