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Critical Systems Analysis and Design: A Personal Framework Approach

Critical Systems Analysis and Design: A Personal Framework Approach
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Author(s): Nandish Patel
Hardcover: 289 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0415332156

As systems analysis and design is becoming increasingly concerned with the organization as a whole, systems analysts need to concern themselves with organization design as well as system design.

This book takes a unique approach to systems analysis and design by using an approach that provides learners with a critical personal framework. This enables the reader to develop a personal method for critically considering and developing personal knowledge and practice of systems analysis and design, by contrasting the real world with the systems world, thus differentiating it from existing systems analysis books.

Each chapter of this book begins by highlighting what can be learned by completion of the chapter and ends with a critical skills development section that contains activities, tasks and discussion questions. Chapters include:

* Systems analysis and design in concept and action
* Structured data modelling
* Making systems analysis and design inclusive

Although the discussion and examples in this text are drawn primarily from business information systems, the lessons apply to both government and healthcare information systems and to systems development in general.

Critical Systems Analysis and Design makes a complex area of study accessible and relevant and as such is an indispensable textbook for both advanced students and professionals concerned with the innovation of information systems.


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