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New Post 5/22/2012 5:14 AM
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Job Assistance 

Hello All,

              My name is Dilshad, and I have a question. I currently am a Business Analyst/QA Tester. I wanted to know is there a way to get a "permanent" job as a Business Analyst/QA? When I say, "permanent", I mean even if it's contract, is there a way that I can stay with one company and have a secure job, rather then moving from one place to the other? Since usually what happens is, I get contract-basis work and when contract is over, or a position gets closed I need to start looking again. If there is a way to get a permanent job in Business Analyst/QA how do I do that? What exactly do I need to look for when I see a job description, please help me thanks.



New Post 5/29/2012 5:22 AM
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Re: Job Assistance 

Hi, Dilshad:

Getting a "permanent" position is not any different than getting a "contract" position. Two primary things are needed:

1). Find companies hiring (no difference between permanent and contracting).
2). Make sure your resume clearly presents your past achievements and future value.

Your resume making a solid impression on a potential employer is what gets interviews.

I hope this helps.


New Post 5/30/2012 12:15 PM
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Re: Job Assistance 

Hi Dilshad,

Probably the biggest hurdle that you face in getting a permanent position is that you are looking for a very specific niche role as a QA Tester that is needed for specific points in a software project - and therefore is often a short-term role on any single project.  To find a permanent position in this role, I'd suggest targeting the following types of organizations:

- Large organizations with their own IT departments, where there is a dedicated QA practice or sufficient number of projects to keep a QA resource on a full-time basis.  If the job description is for a single project only, then chances are it won't be a permanent role.  If the job description is for a QA role in the organization (refers to multiple projects, rather than a single project), then it's more like a permanent role.

- Consulting companies that provide QA resources for their clients.  Larger consulting companies are often willing to hire QA Testers as their own employees, then they will find you work with their clients.  You'll still move from project to project and from one client business to another - but you'll be permanently employed with a regular paycheck by the consulting company.  Be aware that you will make less income when you are an employee than when you contract yourself, because the consulting company needs to make its own profit.

Networking is also a good way to find job opportunities.  Sometimes companies will hire without posting a job.  Talk to your fellow BA's to see if they are working for a consulting company, and if their company might be interested in hiring a QA Tester.  You can network with BA's in any role (not just other QA Testers), since consulting companies often hire for a variety of different BA roles.


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