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New Post 12/14/2023 7:11 AM
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Requirements gathering 

Hello all,

I'm fairly new to the role of Business Aanlyst & although i have conducted some requirements gathering i felt i could do a lot better. Can anyone direct me to some good resources to help me with this, or give advice?

Thank you. 

New Post 1/22/2024 11:00 AM
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Re: Requirements gathering 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 1/25/2024 9:12:19 AM)

I've found that as a business analyst, most of the work extracting information from other people. Then taking that information and writing it a way creates a overall picture that each person in the organization can understand.

It does take time to get good at being a business analyst and the very fact that you're asking about it here is a good sign. I'm sure that as you continue to try to improve you will get better.

Is there any specific questions that you have that you think you could improve in?

New Post 2/15/2024 2:31 PM
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Re: Requirements gathering 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 2/16/2024 8:21:04 AM)

Hi there,

I have been a BA for 15+ years so can help out. 

  1. understand who has the problem or opportunity you are trying to solve for. Identify all stakeholders.
  2. understand the current-state process. Usually there is a process being carried out and people are having an issue with part of it. Write out the process and draw it out too using tools like Miro.
  3. list all problems and opportunities. This comes from the process above.
  4. work through requirements. The requirements will usually be related to the problem statements. For example, if a field doesn't have a validation resulting in data integrity issues, then the requirement is to have a control in place to ensure data integrity. Focus on the intention rather than the solution
  5. understand the benefits of the work. Benefits include cost savings, customer satisfaction, increased speed, reduction in manual work and errors etc
  6. work with other roles in the team to understand the solution. This may involve UX and tech design
  7. carve up the work into user story tickets and walk through them with the team and stakeholders

Hope this helps. 

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