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New Post 5/15/2018 8:39 PM
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How to install MuleSoft in RHEL 7? 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 5/16/2018 11:21:37 AM)
Can anyone please summarize, how to install Mulesoft runtime on RHEL step by step process ? Suppose I have download tar file and extracted them , for running I have used under bin ./mule . Is this enough or I need to configure any additional datas etc ? How to archive this ?
New Post 10/1/2019 3:22 AM
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Re: How to install MuleSoft in RHEL 7? 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 10/7/2019 2:22:15 PM)

 follow this link for step by step guide:

New Post 10/1/2020 4:38 AM
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Re: How to install MuleSoft in RHEL 7? 

Below is the step for Mule 3.5.2, this can be used for other mule version too -

  1. Steps -
  2. Login to RHEL server.
  3. Copy mmc-distribution-mule-console-bundle-3.5.2-HF1.tar.gz (downloaded from Mulesoft support portal) to /data/mule folder. (In case of production setup, this file can be copied from Mule staging server from /home/ directory)
  4. Go to /data/mule directory
  5. Unzip mmc-distribution-mule-console-bundle-3.5.2-HF1.tar.gz using the following command gunzip mmc-distribution-mule-console-bundle-3.5.2-HF1.tar.gz
  6. Extract mmc-distribution-mule-console-bundle-3.5.2-HF1.tar using the following command tar -xvf mmc-distribution-mule-console-bundle-3.5.2-HF1.tar
  7. Move mule-enterprise-3.5.2 folder from mmc-distribution-mule-console-bundle-3.5.2-HF1 to the current directory ( /data/mule ) using the command mv mmc-distribution-mule-console-bundle-3.5.2-HF1/mule-enterprise-3.5.2/ /data/mule
  8. Delete the folder mmc-distribution-mule-console-bundle-3.5.2-HF1, as the remaining contents (MMC and other scripts) are not needed rm -rf mmc-distribution-mule-console-bundle-3.5.2-HF1
  9. Delete mmc-distribution-mule-console-bundle-3.5.2-HF1.tar file rm mmc-distribution-mule-console-bundle-3.5.2-HF1.tar
  10. Create a soft link /data/mule/mule-enterprise to point to /data/mule/mule-enterprise-3.5.2 using the following command. ln -s mule-enterprise-3.5.2 mule-enterprise
  11. Go to /home/ directory and change MULE_HOME environment variable in /home/.bash_profile, from /data/mule/mule-enterprise-3.5.0 to /data/mule/mule-enterprise
  12. Execute the following command (from /home/ directory)for having the latest value for MULE_HOME in the current context source .bash_profile
  13. Go to $MULE_HOME ( /data/mule/mule-enterprise ) and delete .mule folder rm –rf .mule

Installing Enterprise Licence

  1. Steps -
  2. Copy the license file mule-ee-license.lic to $MULE_HOME/bin directory
  3. Go to $MULE_HOME/bin and run the following command to install license mule -installLicense mule-ee-license.lic
  4. Mule removes the trial license and replaces it with the enterprise edition license. In the $MULE_HOME/conf directory, Mule saves a new file called muleLicenseKey.lic
  5. To verify that Mule successfully installed your Enterprise license, run the following command
    mule –verifyLicense If the licence installation is successful, the following text is displayed in the output. Valid license key --> Evaluation = false, Expiration Date = Wed Dec 31 00:00:00 GMT 2014, Contact Name = Sanjeet Pandey, Contact Email Address = [email protected], Contact Telephone = 07831792088, Contact Company = PERSONAL, Contact Country = UK, Entitlements = clustering,datamapper
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