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Developing a system for my department (events management! 


 Hey everyone, i am new here and my career choice is to be a system analyst. I am so glad to i have found this site with many system analyst.

  I I have decide to do some lil work on my own...because i am still at school... i am trying to develop a system that would be easily accessed and used by the employees where i work.

  Problem: we have a system where we have record books. For each transactions made we enter the information in a book.

   At my depatment we loan flags at a price for 2 days and we also cater for internal meetings, and we need to keep track of it. Have easy access to it and keep track of the transactions and caterers that we have used throughout the internal meetings that have happened for month.

  My solution: instead of recording the information in a book is time consuming  and frustrating. I hvae decided that instead of using the books i can develop a system that would be easier for the employees. I could develop system by using MICROSOFT EXCEL...things would be found easier in that database.

I know that i have to develop an organizational chart, a use case diagram and a questionnaire...and well what i have learned in school so far are those mentioned before along with the business model, business profile, and well i cant remember the others ... :/

Having extra back up may be needed such aas an external memory etc.

  Can someone please tell me what they think of my idea...because i am getting a feeling that there maybe another software that i can use to record these actions.



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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  General  Developing a system for my department (events management!

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