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Requirements Management Tools 


First post here, so hope I'm not repeating what others have asked, although there's no way I'm the first to think about this!  My boss suddenly seems very keen on implementing a requirements management tool; he has no preference, the only criteria seems to be that it's cheap!  I understand the intended benefits of such tools, but am not sure its for us just yet.  Our Change team is not particularly mature and the business don't quite understand why we're here (apart from those we've worked with!).  A lot of our software development is outsourced as we are a reasonably small company, although we do have an in-house development team.

How can I best evaluate the vast number of tools out there and whether we actually need one?!  Not quite sure where to start with this, but slightly worried about beng pushed down the wrong path... does anyone have any suggestions please?




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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Requirements  Requirements Management Tools

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