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Hot Pinned Locked Thread with new postsGUIDELINES - How to use this forum!
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6/22/2007 12:01 PM
Hot Thread with new postsDuring 1st discussion with Client
 by Andersun
No RatingUnresolved
7/30/2020 11:18 PM
by sureshbrady
Thread with new postsWhat are the business/data analyst activities to prepare for data cleansing and updating projects?
 by KarmaHazem
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7/29/2020 8:54 PM
by Kimbo
Hot Thread with new postsHow do you write these requirements?
 by MadiMo
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7/27/2020 8:12 PM
by Kimbo
Hot Thread with new postsBusiness Requirements - Offshoring / Outsourcing
 by Keondo
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7/23/2020 4:30 PM
by kayleycun
Hot Thread with new postsAre Requirements the same as Benefits in this example?
 by MadiMo
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6/26/2020 2:36 AM
by MadiMo
Hot Thread with new postsTechnical specs for developers
 by Bounce1991
No RatingUnresolved
6/4/2020 2:54 PM
by Kimbo
Hot Thread with new postsFunctional requirements vs System requirements
 by Gautam
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4/22/2020 3:36 PM
by d15bt_
Hot Thread with new postsHigh Level requirement For a implementing a Marketing and Event module
 by Abeks
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2/10/2020 7:10 PM
by Adrian M.
Hot Thread with new postsFor Requirement Experts (Page: 1, 2)
 by MadiMo
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1/16/2020 5:51 PM
by Kimbo
Hot Thread with new postsRequirements for upgrade of technology stack?
 by Neel Kamat
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1/15/2020 8:59 PM
by Neel Kamat
Hot Thread with new postsHas anyone tried this out in your company?
 by Lieniner123
No RatingResolved
12/20/2019 6:37 AM
by Stewart F
Hot Thread with new postsNew to Systems Analysis. Please, Help!
 by The Captain
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12/20/2019 6:20 AM
by Stewart F
Hot Thread with new postsDemerging applications
 by Simrat
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11/27/2019 11:50 PM
by Stewart F
Hot Thread with new postsRequirements Interview Questions (Page: 1, 2, 3)
 by John
No RatingUnresolved
11/18/2019 9:55 AM
by Mybablog
Hot Thread with new postsShould we produce only what PM wants ?
 by pramodh555
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11/17/2019 3:05 PM
by pramodh555
Hot Thread with new postsEliciting Non-Functional (vs. business or functional) Requirements (Page: 1, 2, 3)
 by S2Kap
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11/11/2019 4:49 AM
by Stewart F
Hot Thread with new postsWhy is this requirement confusing? (Page: 1, 2)
 by MadiMo
No RatingUnresolved
10/20/2019 8:57 AM
by Usman_chiefoftheglen
Hot Thread with new postsData Mapping - Data Privacy Requirements
 by Omar
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10/16/2019 2:58 AM
by Stewart F
Hot Thread with new postsintegration BRD
 by rupee
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10/7/2019 11:26 AM
by Usman_chiefoftheglen
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Most of the IT projects imply constant cooperation between the team members and customers. Although it might be often overlooked, the role and the importance of the client within the project is very crucial. Thus, it is in your interest to build a strong relationship based on trust. However, gaining trust on a single occasion is not a dealmaker &md...
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Introduction In today's world, most enterprises work aggressively to achieve a higher level of business growth, which is made possible by leveraging one of the best automation technologies. One such technology is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that plays a vital role in streamlining the customer experience in the most profitable manner.&nb...
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Nick Stowers
Nick Stowers
Introduction   When I was introduced to scrum, the burndown chart was a tool that was highly emphasised however I feel the purpose has changed from it being a tool to predict (to a certain level) timescales for delivery to a tool that measures a team’s productivity… other words, the focus is on the number of points clear...
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