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New Post 9/10/2014 2:46 AM
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Please help for my BA role assignment 

Would anyone can give the advice for my assignment as below? Many thanks!

Imagine that you are the new Business Analyst and your manager is based in Taiwan. As part of the new role, you take over the responsibility of an IT system ABC that could be used in your IT solutions proposed to the Customer. ABC is also used in other sub-regions. The local operations are also using ABC for the processing of some shipments and they have been using the system for about a year now.

On your 3rd day of work, the Operations Manager writes to you to complain about the issues with ABC.

–Data file cannot be imported

–Labels cannot be printed

In your 2nd week of work, a Business Development Manager writes to you to request for a deployment of the ABC system in the new customer facility. During the same week, the Operations Supervisor writes to complain about ABC and that he feels like throwing his PC out of his office after countless attempts to process some shipments in ABC.

During your 3rd week at work, you are informed of a new business opportunity and the Product Manager is suggesting to use ABC as part of the IT solution.

It is now the 4th week.

Describe what you would have done for the past 4 weeks and your plans, if any.

New Post 9/11/2014 11:53 AM
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Re: Please help for my BA role assignment 

It does not sound fair to throw all these stuff on you suddenly when you just join. If I were you, I would escalate all these issues to the manager for his guidance and instructions, no matter where he resides. He should be able to direct me to the right person for information or help. In the meantime, I would learn the system as much as I could by reading documents, playing in test environment, and asking around, etc. Eventually I would have my own analysis and suggestions. For any important issues, always run by your manager and copy your manager when giving out suggestions.

Those are just my personal experience and suggestion. Hope they help.

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Careers  Getting Started  Please help for my BA role assignment

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