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Kind of Fell into it and I'm Stumped 
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So here's my delima, I went to school for Simulation development, took an intership as a software tester, migrated over to QA Specialist, and then picked up a career in QA Analysis.  problem is I lack experience to know what i need to be doing and my management are too involved with their tasks to help give me direction at times.  My position was not available until my Manager felt he didn't need to do 2 positions at once, then after 1 year of long hours, socializing, and getting help I've been basically cut loose to do as i please and i have wide scopes.  Currently i am burnt out.  i try to collect data from a system thats barely holding on, given my 2 cents on maters, send statistics and metrics up the ladder and i do get praise from time to time.  I want to move out of the QA world and into a more steady Business Analysis Role or maybe even stay in QA as an engineer.  i'm getting tired and bored of runing the same reports and gathering the same data every month and would like to know if this is normal of an analyst?


New Post 11/29/2011 1:27 PM
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Re: Kind of Fell into it and I'm Stumped 


The vast majority of analysts really dislike doing analysis, so they do a wide variety of things other than analysis.  So the abnormal becomes normal in many organizations.

What do you want to do?   If you want to do analysis, the first step is to find out what analysis is (98% of BA's have not done this, or they have and are frightened off by the prospect).


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