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BABOK v2 - End-to-end data flow diagram analysis can highlight issues

As part of preparation to sit the IIBA CBAP exam, I wanted a one page summary of the overall BABOK flow. The first step of creating a summary matrix showing a derived master list of documents (e.g. Inputs + Outputs) versus the process that creates or uses it was interesting, but not entirely helpful.

By using the matrix to create an indicative data flow type diagram, that helped to better understand the overall end-to-end process documented in the BABOK.
Note: Clear stakeholder information was not available so a Business Process type Model was not possible.

The data flow type visualization technique is very useful:
1. It is an additional visual means of communicating complex information for people who struggle with understanding just text.
2. It quickly shows the flow of information between the various processes
3. The data flow diagramming conventions help to highlight issues. E.g. No clear sources or uses of specific deliverables, redundant and reverse flows etc.

This is also timely given the review of the Draft BABOK v3 material that has been requested and that closes on July 11th.
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ChristinaCarter posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 7:07 AM
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