Business Analyst Blogging Guidelines

Blog Post Guidelines
Blog Post Approval Criteria:
  1. Relevance: Blog posts must be relevant to the business analyst or business analysis profession. Additionally, the blog posts on Modern Analyst are best described as journal style entries where authors can add creative and thoughtful posts over time.  Modern Analyst provides separate repositories that cater to other forms of contribution such as full articles, white papers, and news/press releases.  For more information regarding where to contribute this type of content, email [email protected]
  2. Full content: Blog posts must display the full text of the post. Providing only a summary and link to a blog post on another site is not permitted. If a blogger maintains a blog on another site and would like to share their thoughts and take advantage of the visibility gained on Modern Analyst, they should copy the full blog post when posting to Modern Analyst.
  3. Links to Other Resources: A blog post may contain links to other sites, articles or blogs posts that it references or describes, so long as the subject and content of the blog post being submitted to Modern Analyst stands on its own as a meaningful contribution to the Modern Analyst community.
Format of Blog Posts: 
  1. Font: All approved blog posts should be formatted in Verdana font and X-Small font size.
  2. Text Formatting: Avoid excess formatting. Bold and italics should be used only when necessary for clarity. ALL CAPS should almost never be used. Modern Analyst may re-format approved posts to create a consistent look and feel among all blog posts.

Self Promotion:

Modern Analyst realizes that posting to our Community Blog and Modern Analyst Blog are excellent opportunities for you to promote yourself, your ideas, or your business. This is permitted so long as it is done per the following guidelines:

  1. Avoid self-promoting references within the main content of the blog post
  2. Promote yourself and/or your company by creating a by-line (signature line) that meets the following by-line criteria:
    • The by-line can have up to 4 lines of information
    • Each line should contain no more than 60 characters
    • Only one link is permitted
    • By-line information may include Name, Email Address, Professional Title, Company Name, Link to Website, etc.
Blog Post Approver, Modern Analyst Media LLC

Any by-line which does not meet the criteria listed may not be approved without modification.

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