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» Continuing a project in the penumbra...
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INTRODUCTION Being dropped in the middle of a project that is already in a bad shape (over budget, over schedule and under compliance) is not easy (or funny). So try to make the best of it and get out of it alive. On most cases, you get a project start with the business case or whatnot, then continue on with a chain of events. On most of my encou...
Posted by: enavarro

» Obstacle Analysis: How Problematic Scenarios Occurring during Requirements Analysis can be Nullified
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Analysts everyday and in every domain of business come across obstacles in their analysis and efforts that prevent them from best meeting the needs of the business. These obstacles can be in the form of business processes, or system limitations, or both. Furthermore, a considerably big obstacle can be potentially detrimental to the spirit and purpo...
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» Business Analyst Roles AKA “In Search of the Business Analysis Holy Grail”
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Take any area of study and you will always find a quest for the Holy Grail. Business Analysis is no exception. The Holy Grail “du jour” in business analysis seems to be competencies. Everybody appears to be searching for the business analyst competencies: Job seekers want to know what keywords to put in their resumes. Career chang...
Posted by: Adrian M.

» Every Business Analyst Must Negotiate Like a Pro
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In the larger context of life, it is very clear that negotiation skills are very important and that those that have them are better off than those who don’t. What about in business analysis? Are negotiation skills important? The answer is an emphatic: YES! You bet they are! Business analysts negotiate or facilitate negotiations at every...
Posted by: Adrian M.

» From Developer in India to Business Analyst Abroad
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Business Systems Analyst as a Career Option If you are an IT professional in India, thinking of working abroad, you might want to consider a business/systems analyst position. Why? It’s a position in high demand with high earning potential and which can serve as a great foundation for moving up the corporate ladder into management or business op...
Posted by: Adrian M.

» A framework for defining competencies for business systems analysts
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If you are managing business or systems analysts, trying to identify the skills and competencies required of your analysts is not an easy task. The expectations placed upon the analyst vary widely from organization to organization. The variations are so drastic that the actual title doesn’t not say much about the type of work your analysts do. ...
Posted by: Adrian M.

» Tablet UML
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In most of the projects and organizations I have worked for I have seen a very interesting pattern: - Developers get developer specific tools such as MS Visual Studio. - Testers get testing specific tools such as Mercury TestDirector. - Analysts get MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The more "progressive" organizations might provide their busin...
Posted by: Adrian M.

» The Case for System Documentation AKA “Developer is no longer King”
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While it might be difficult to create and maintain system documentation, from the perspective of the business analyst or systems analyst it is a must. Without some decent level of system documentation, the analyst is at the mercy of the developers (the ones who can read the code) in order to determine the "AS-IS" state of a system. If you are mana...
Posted by: Adrian M.

» Systems Analyst in the list of Best Careers 2007
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The Systems Analyst role is and will continue to be one of the best careers for a long time. In their “Best Careers 2007” report, US News and World Report lists 25 professions that will continue to grow in demand. With the advent of outsourcing, it is not surprising that the software engineer or web developer professions are NOT on the list....
Posted by: Adrian M.

» Employers should do more to train Business Analysts and Systems Analysts
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While the Business Systems Analysis line of work is just beginning to be recognized as a profession of its own, the shortage of business analysts and systems analysts continues to get worse. And the shortage is global! Would you believe that India is having a shortage of qualified IT professionals? Well, you better believe it! On June 1...
Posted by: Adrian M.

» The Popcorn Way and the Business Analyst
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Given a specific project with a reasonably defined charter and clear business goals you, the business analyst, set out to elicit and document the detailed business requirements.  So when do you stop?  How do you know when you are done gathering the requirements? The problem: Do you know when you’re done? Given a specific project with a ...
Posted by: Adrian M.

» If you want to succeed, you've got to read!
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One of the traits of the professional business analyst or systems analyst is continuous improvement.  This needs to take place in three key areas: technical know-how, business knowledge, and soft skills. (Adrian's note: This is an excerpt from a newsletter I created for my systems analysis team.) To be an average analyst is fairly simple... ...
Posted by: Adrian M.
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