Description and Benefits of the Modern Analyst Blog for Business Analysts

Modern Analyst Blog Description and Benefits

What is the Modern Analyst Blog:

Our Modern Analyst Blog features blog posts from pre-selected Modern Analyst bloggers, many of which are influential contributors that are shaping the business analysis profession.  In addition, the most intersting and insightful Community Blog posts are selected by the Modern Analyst team to be added to the Modern Analyst Blog.

What are the Benefits of the Modern Analyst Blog:

  • Viewers can RSS the Community Blog by a specific blog post author
  • Multiple pre-selected contributors to a single blog attracts more viewers, increasing the readership for all bloggers
  • The limited number of pre-selected Modern Analyst Blog authors creates a more focus blog overall
  • Blog contributors can give more time and attention to each blog post since no single blogger has to provide continuous content to keep the blog fresh
  • The premier nature of the Modern Analyst blog gives bloggers the opportunity to strengthen their influence in the business analysis profession

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