Tech hotshots: The rise of the IT Business Analyst


The once lowly business analyst is suddenly in high demand. Here's how to work well with the ones you've got.

From Computerworld - The hottest job in IT right now might be the least "T" of them all: business analyst.

Tech hotshots: The rise of the IT Business AnalystTech purists may shudder -- is it the revenge of the suits? -- but 23% of the IT executive respondents to Computerworld's Forecast 2012 survey said they planned to hire for business analytics skills in the next 12 months, up from 13% in the previous year's survey.

"IT business analyst" was also rated one of the country's top 12 jobs to pursue last year by Money Magazine, which listed median pay for that position at $83,100. Computerworld's Salary Survey 2012 listed an average total compensation for IT technology/business system analysts at $84,376, up 1.4% from 2011.

While pure tech is hardly in decline -- database administrators, programmers and Web developers also made the Money list -- business analysts are being viewed by more and more IT shops, and the corporation at large, as an essential function. "It's one of the most critical roles in the info tech space," says Allen Hackman, senior director of information technology at Tyco International's Fire and Security unit.

The rise of the business analyst mirrors changes in the world of IT, says Hackman, who asserts that the popularity of software as a service, and the commoditization of technology in general, has made business analysts more important. "You don't need IT to implement," he notes. "But how do I apply it, how do I meet my business need, how do I get people to use it? That's the role the business analyst fulfills."



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