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New Post 11/6/2013 3:22 AM
User is offline Radhesh
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Questions on few Business Analyst taks 

 It would be very helpful if someone could answer the following questions?

1. Who writes the technical spec document? The BA or Technical Architect or someone else.

2. Who writes BRD and when? what detail we have in a BRD? When does it go for signoffs? Do we have mockups here?

3. What kind of details are there in a Technical Spec Doc?

4. How is Functional spec doc different from BRD?

5. What are the deliverables of a BA in SDLC?

6. What are the roles of a BA in each part of the SDLC?

7. Whats the use of RTM?  when do we write it?

8.What are the software a BA should have a knowledge of?

9. What are the BA responsibility: Resources mgmt, Risk Mgmt, Time mgmt or cost mgmt?

10. Does a BA has a say on the project finance and timelines?

New Post 11/9/2013 7:18 PM
User is offline Chris Adams
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Re: Questions on few Business Analyst taks 


It's difficult to answer your questions, primarily because the answer to most of them is "it depends".  The business analysis field is not a prescriptive one. It's not as simple as following a checklist of documents to create or tasks to complete.  Each project has a unique set of needs.  Furthermore, many companies use different terms for the same thing.  At best, we might be able to provide you with some general answers about what each of these means.

Also, you might want to select the questions that are most pressing for you.  10 questions would take a very long time to answer and is likely why no one has responded so far. 

Chris Adams
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New Post 11/13/2013 7:40 AM
User is offline dldelancey
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Re: Questions on few Business Analyst taks 

1.  In general, I would say someone other than the BA, although I do know quite a few technical BAs who can and do produce technical specs.

2.  Depends on the organization, but most often in my experience, the BA writes the BRD.  Ideally, it should happen as early as possible.  In fact, it's usually the first thing I start on.  Level of detail depends on the organization, the size and impact of the project, and the needs of the stakeholders.  Sometimes it's no more than a bulleted list.  Sometimes it's a fully dressed document.  Timing of signoffs is also relative, but generally for me, I want high-level stakeholder agreement on the BRD before I start meeting with subject matter experts.  I have never included mockups in a BRD, and can't think of a reason why I ever would.

3.  At the risk of repeating myself, depends on the organization, the size and impact of the project, and the needs of the stakeholders.    Google will likely get you lots and lots of sample templates to peruse.

4.  I believe this was answered quite well in your other thread.

5.  The list of possibilities in long.  I suggest you take a look at IIBA's Business Analysis Body of Knowledge and pull from it what seems relevant to your organization, project, and team.

6.  See above #5 answer.

7.  I responded to this one in your other thread.

8.  Honestly, a good BA could do the job with a pick and a stone tablet.  Or, a whiteboard and some dry erase markers.  haha 

9. and 10.  You got a good response to these in your other threads.

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