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New Post 9/15/2009 4:48 AM
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Final Round of Interview ! Don't know how to handle it ? 
Hey Everyone, I am getting a little nervous about this, I have a Interview lined up for a Business Analyst position with one of the very big Bank into Investment Banking for their I.T dept for a upcoming system implementation project. I have already cleared two rounds of Interview one being a written Test where they asked me a couple of questions on what my understanding was on the Global Financial market and they also gave me a case study to answer which I kind of did well. And second was a complete Technical Interview with the V.P-Technology. I have one more final round to go (I just hate giving so many rounds of Interview for one company) where in what I have just gotta know is, they are gonna give me a case study. My question is any guesses any suggestions what could be this case study on...I mean even on probability if I can guess it and if I can make some preparations for it that would help isn’t it. So if it is a Business Analyst position for an I.T dept for an I.T Project of an Investment Banking firm what kind of case study can they possible give someone... Guys please help any guesses, suggestions. How do I prepare myself for this. Cheers !
New Post 10/13/2009 7:54 AM
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Re: Final Round of Interview ! Don't know how to handle it ? 

You have probably have had your final interview by now.  But you might want to assume, if you don't get this job, that you should prepare for "behavioral interviewing" which means you need to creat a bunch of SAR's (Story/Problem, your Action to solve the problem, the Results from your action).

The hardest problem you ever solved, the worst customer service problem you ever had, how you solved a major conflict between stakeholders, etc.  These need to be SAR's directly out of your experience, not your theory/training.


Tom Miller

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Careers  Getting Started  Final Round of Interview ! Don't know how to handle it ?

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