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REGISTER TODAY: Webinar: Agile Best Practices that Accelerate Collaboration, Integrity and Innovation
As a Business Analyst, you are chartered to orchestrate the successful delivery of innovative products... Join this webinar to gain detailed insights on how leading organizations have been able to address the changing realities of modern software development, and learn actionable tactics to achieve product success. Space is limited. Register Today!

REGISTER TODAY: Webinar: Collaborative Requirements for BAs: Keeping Future Projects on Track
If you’re like most BAs, you spend too much time reporting status, explaining context and tracking decisions. In this session, learn tips and tools to help you keep your teams aligned, provide better visibility and maintain a continuous feedback loop so you can spend less time reporting and more time innovating. Space is limited. Register Today!

ON DEMAND Webinar: Stand Up and Deliver Great Product with Collaborative Requirements
We will discuss the value of real-time collaboration, where everything is connected through bi-directional traceability, and all collaborators have access to the information and functionality they need to succeed. We’ll demonstrate why engaging stakeholders early and in context provides a clear path forward and helps uncover issues before defects occur. And we will share how easy access to previous work products combined with fully linked variant and change management can bring your team collaboration to the next level.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: A Modern Take on the Agile Manifesto for Today’s BA
So what does today’s agile look like? Do the values of the manifesto still apply? When did Agile become more about process and less about the mindset? How can we merge the intention of the manifesto with the new way we work? How can we evolve agile concepts to tackle the challenges of today in a new way?
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Business Requirements Scoping Techniques
In this webinar you’ll learn how to define clear business objectives and corresponding success metrics, how to craft a focused vision statement, and how to specify other elements of the business requirements. We’ll also explore four different scope representation techniques you can apply at any phase of a project.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: The Use Case Technique: An Overview
Use cases are an effective and widely used technique for eliciting software requirements. The use-case approach focuses on the goals that users have with a system, rather than emphasizing system functionality. This webinar presents an overview of the use-case approach to requirements elicitation in a practical and straightforward fashion.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Best Practices for Designing, Formatting and Publishing Better Reports
In this informative webinar, get best practices for designing, formatting and publishing better reports straight from Peter Evans is the Business Intelligence and Analytics Product Evangelist for Dell Software Group.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Best Practices in Analytics and Visualization: A Case Study
Visualization and self-service analytics is changing how business analysts and business users gather, process and consume data.  This webinar will show customer profiles and in-depth live demos so you can see how organizations are taking advantage of the best new analytics practices.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: BA Effectiveness through Social Traceability & Collaboration
In this webinar we'll discuss the value of past collaboration and the role it plays in providing traceability and context for teams across the organization. We’ll demonstrate why engaging with stakeholders early and capturing project context provides a clear path for engineering to understand, react, and engage with your product team. This will enable the BA to interact with engineering on a much more iterative and agile way.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Agile Collaboration to Improve Requirements Productivity
Join this webinar and learn how to improve your requirements and save time by collaborating more efficiently while staying in control of your project.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Create a BA Center of Excellence - Improve Business Outcomes and Innovation
Many organizations have struggled finding and developing business analysis skills. A Business Analysis Center of Excellence (BACoE) provides an effective method for organizations to increase business analysis maturity and consequently deliver more business value and reduce the risk of projects.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: How to Slash Data Analysis Project Times in Half
Whether you’re spending 40 hours a week on data analysis projects or 4, there are tips and tricks that can help you automate time consuming workflows to slash time spent on data analysis and reporting projects. In this one hour webinar, we’ll show you how you can more quickly and easily access, prepare, analyze and share data.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Harmonizing Requirements and Business Architecture
Requirements definition and management and business architecture are complimentary disciplines that must blend together to create the tune everyone wants to hear: Project success and business value.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Realizing the Value of Process Modeling and Automation with BPMN 2.0
Business Analysts will learn how to model a BPMN 2.0 compliant process diagram, and quickly integrate this process diagram with an external information system. This webinar will educate Business Analysts on how a Business Process Management Suite provides powerful process modeling, integration and automation to build a custom business process driven application. Business Analysts will learn how to create process diagrams and leverage corresponding analytics to measure the effectiveness of a modeled process.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Agile Requirement Gathering Process to Avoiding Common Data Problems
If undetected, data quality issues, such as mismatched number formats and empty fields, can wreak havoc on your analysis – even leading to misleading or wrong results. In this webinar we will review agile requirements gathering techniques that will help you avoid common data problems and automate data quality processes.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: How to Integrate Business Analysis into the Project Management Process for Spectacular Results
Are your business analysis capabilities where they need to be for the outcomes you want to have? In a world of corporate restructuring, changes, and mergers, business leaders are looking to incorporate business analysis into their project management to improve project success and bring more value to the business.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: 7 Misconceptions of Enterprise Agile: What You Need To Know
“Pure” agile approaches don’t simply “plug” into the enterprise environment as easily as they do in smaller organizations and centrally located teams. This webinar explores common misconceptions of agile specifically in the enterprise, so you can understand the real ways in which enterprise agile can help make Business Analysis and requirements authoring easier and more effective leading to better project outcomes with far less rework along the way.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: How Analysts Can Easily Conquer Today's Data Challenges - A Case Study
Are you an analyst perplexed by the ever growing data challenges? In this webcast, Rebekah Anderson, BI Director for Concordia University (CUI), shares how her team conquered numerous data analytics challenges.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Use Cases and User Stories for Agile Requirements
This presentation outlines how use cases and user stories should be used together when gathering requirements for Agile projects. Many Agile business analysts are hesitant to employ certain requirements elicitation and development techniques such as user stories and use case studies because they are traditionally considered aspects of the Waterfall or traditional method of Project Management.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: How Requirements Repositories and Reusability can Help Achieve a Competitive Advantage
How do companies profitably go about harvesting and holding their corporate knowledge? When you’re dealing with general reference information, it’s pretty easy to use technologies such as Wikis and Sharepoint to push out information on policies to specific user communities. But requirements information is vastly different in structure, as are the uses of information, and user needs for access. The benefit scenarios for requirements repositories need to be practical and grounded in the unique nature of this information.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Combine Big Data with Enterprise Data to Improve Business Performance
Big data opens an entirely new data universe to consider and use to improve decision making. But how does a business/systems analyst turn it into actual usable data so that it can be used for operational improvements that result in real business value? Success depends on how fast and seamlessly you can combine your big data with your enterprise data and present that collective information to your decision makers.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Instant Analytics: 1hr Practical Analytics Webinar
Business leaders depend on data analysts like you to provide the crucial guidance they rely on to make decisions every day. They need the right results, right now. Waiting in line for IT budget or specialists isn’t going to get you what you need. New sources of data from Hadoop and social media promise fresh customer insights, but make it even harder to create the analytic dataset you need. Sign up for this webinar today to experience Instant Analytics.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Software Requirements: 7 Critical Success Factors
This presentation describes seven critical success factors that will go a long way toward making the requirements activities in your organization pay off for the many project stakeholders.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: 6 Common Traps to Avoid When Collaborating on Requirements
Product delivery teams get caught in traps that prevent them from effectively eliciting, documenting, or managing requirements. It is no wonder they often get out of sync on what they are supposed to build and why. How confident are you that everyone is in sync?
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ON DEMAND Webinar: How to use Sociocracy to Improve Collaboration and Expand Agile Practices
...successful Agile projects require organization-wide Sociocracy to create a structure that involves all members throughout the organization “in the flow” in decision-making, while producing a strong, transparent, efficient decision-making structure. Join Derwyn Harris, Solutions Architect and Co-Founder at Jama Software, as he shares how to use tools, language, process, and Sociocracy to improve and expand Agile practices in an organization.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Top 10 Business Analysis Trends of 2013
2013 is here and with it a changing organizational environment for Business Analysts... The top 10 BA trends for 2013 include information on the importance of requirements, the new Agile landscape and the new ways in which Business Analysts will be expected to work.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Achieving BPM Excellence with Visio 2013 and BPMN 2.0
This webinar will educate Business Analysts on how they can use Microsoft Visio 2013's powerful process diagramming, standardization, automation and validation capabilities in conjunction with a strong integration with Microsoft Office to enable a highly participative BPM foundation. Also, Business Analysts will learn about creating and validating BPMN 2.0 diagrams using Microsoft Visio 2013.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Elements of Requirements Style
This presentation describes numerous techniques for writing software functional requirements, focused on the core objective of clear and effective communication. You’ll see multiple styles of writing functional requirements and you'll learn many vague “weak words” to avoid. The presentation describes several common types of requirements ambiguity and shows how to rewrite ambiguous requirements to make them clearer.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Rapid Analytics – A visual, live approach to requirements gathering and business analytic development
Most analytics and business intelligence projects fail because the analytics delivered by IT don’t meet the requirements of the business users. Agile analytics or agile BI has been viewed as a potential solution to this problem, but applying agile development methods to traditional analytics and business intelligence design cycles often means getting to the wrong result faster and does not result in an analytic solution that hits the requirements exactly.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Create a BA Center of Excellence and Improve Business Performance and Innovation
Business Analysts are now emerging from requirement writers for IT projects to serving as a pivotal link in business change and transformation. However, to be successful, business analysts have to have the right set of skills and competencies... A Business Analysis Center of Excellence (BACoE) provides an effective method for organizations to increase business analysis maturity and consequently deliver more business value and reduce the risk of projects.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Business Process Modeling Across the SDLC - and its Links to Other BA Tools w/ Howard Podeswa
The presentation explains how Business Process Modeling (BPM) is used in practice by following a case study through the project life cycle. At each point, BPM activities and deliverable are highlighted and their links to complementary BA techniques is explored. Special emphasis is placed on the BPMN and UML standards and guidelines are provided for when to use these standards over the life cycle.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Thorny Issues in Software Requirements w/ Karl Wiegers
This presentation addresses ten such “thorny issues” and tricky topics in requirements engineering. I’ll explain why each topic is important, and I’ll offer some practical advice about how to deal with each of these issues on your projects.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Empowering the Business Analyst to Deliver Strategic Analytics with Ease
This webinar will discuss how using cloud-based strategic analytics tools
• empowers the line of business analyst
• eliminates the many layers to deliver accurate results to decision makers
• allows organizations to gain a competitive edge with faster and better analytics
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ON DEMAND Webinar: The Knowledge Explosion: How to crank up productivity and be a dynamite leader
No one is asking you to turn your company into a hippie commune, but the fact is that even your most senior executives can learn something from a new hire. Knowledge sharing without hierarchical boundaries will drive better results, increase sales, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and create leaders across your organization. Creating a knowledge-sharing culture within your organization where individual contributions and peer-to-peer mentoring is rewarded will result in a rich history of tribal knowledge and heightened employee engagement.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Got Big Data? How can you combine the Big Data with traditional enterprise data?
Most organizations today have both traditional data (ERP, relational, and other structured) as well as non-traditional (big data, cloud, BI metadata layers, and unstructured) data sources.  Additionally, Big Data projects are popping up in your organization as well.  All this data needs to be combined into a single view with business logic or rules applied to the combined set.  How do you access this information, integrate the data, cleanse, and analyze in such disparate source environment?
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ON DEMAND Webinar: 10 Career-Crushers that Threaten Every Business Analyst – And How to Prevent Them!
Career opportunities for Business Analysts have never looked better. Both CNNMoney and rank Business Analyst (BA) among today’s most in-demand jobs.  But even the brightest and most ambitious BAs can have their careers thrown off-track by falling victim to one of these 10 common pitfalls…   This webinar will show you what they are, and give you some proven tools and strategies for avoiding them.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Managing Requirements in an Agile World: Avoiding the “Round Peg/Square Hole” Dilemma
Are requirements really as easy as having a user write a bunch of stuff on an index card and setting the developers free to code some miraculous product? Hardly. The truth is, nothing has changed where requirements are concerned. In fact, this presentation puts the world of requirements development and management into context and discusses the harmony that can be created when Agile practices are put into place.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Master BI: Becoming a Business Intelligence Guru with Toad
“Business intelligence,” “data warehouse,” or “big data” – are these buzzwords swimming through your organization, each with multiple definitions, owners, and requirements? In this educational session, you’ll discover the easiest way to gain control over, and benefit from, your changing data landscape.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Deliver Maximum Value through Better Business Analysis
This webinar describes several innovative methods for business analysts to deliver more value to the business and ensure completion of successful enterprise projects. Poor business analysis is the root cause of many project failures.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: End Document Chaos: Save Time Through Collaborative Requirements Management
Join this webinar and learn how to save time and work more efficiently. We’ll examine how the BA can better interact with requirements by applying social collaboration to the requirements lifecycle, creating deeper engagement across teams and delivering successful projects.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: The Use Case Technique: An Overview
Use cases are an effective and widely used technique for eliciting software requirements. The use-case approach focuses on the goals that users have with a system, rather than emphasizing system functionality. This webinar presents an overview of the use-case approach to requirements elicitation in a practical and straightforward fashion.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Requirements Management Best Practices
Requirements development deals with getting good software requirements. Requirements management addresses the challenges of handling these requirements as the project proceeds over time. This presentation summarizes several best practices for requirements management.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: 10 Key Business Analysis Trends for 2012
The world of business analysis is changing and changing fast. Are you and your organization prepared for those changes? Are you prepared to weather the upheaval and be as agile as the next competing organization?
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ON DEMAND Webinar: How the Business Analysts can Align Agile Development with Business Priorities
Join this event and learn key ideals of Agile and challenges faced by Business Analysts. Jama Software will focus on what they’ve heard as the top challenges of Agile development and how to solve them.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Being Rational in an Accelerated World
Tired of having tools that slow your requirements discovery and management? Many tools cannot support highly accelerated requirements elicitation - IBM Rational® Requirements Composer® can. We're going to show you how - and - we're going to change your thinking on how to configure tools and analyst teams to get greater performance and efficiency.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Using Visio® 2010 and SharePoint® 2010 for Process Management: Practical Tips and Customer Examples
Microsoft Visio 2010 and SharePoint 2010 offer powerful, easy new ways to model, manage and monitor business processes. This webcast will focus on how to get the most out the new capabilities. We’ll spend the webcast showing the new features and talking about how customers are already using them to improve their processes.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Avoiding the Data Baggage Trap – A Practical Approach to Data Mapping and Traceability
Data exists to support systems, analytical, and management processes. However, the existence of data alone doesn’t ensure that these processes can be undertaken seamlessly. A seamless undertaking depends heavily on how useable, or meaningful a dataset is, and on how well the processes that created the dataset are understood. Every company today has some level of data “baggage”. Data baggage is made up of all those legacy systems, data stores, and reports that are heavily relied on, but whose domain knowledge has been slowly lost over the years.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Text is Dead: How Requirements Visualization is Changing the Game at HealthMEDX
Tired of having projects miss the mark because of poor requirements? Tired of delays and rework? Just plain tired of working overtime only to have frustrated customers? Is there a way to eliminate the wasted time and cost of missed requirements? Fortunately, the answer is: “Yes!”
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Harmonizing Agility & Discipline
This session demystifies the wide range of agile and more traditional requirements and development methodologies. The session looks at the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and gives prescriptive guidelines to requirements leadership looking to improve results by striking a better balance between agile and disciplined practices. This session refocused the agility versus discipline dialogue: it is not that these practices are mutually exclusive - the real issue is to look at your current circumstances and find the right balance to maximize success.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: How the Business Analyst can Succeed in a BPM World: Creating High Caliber Business Processes
As a Business Analyst asked to help improve operations and customer services, you may be aware of terms such as BPM, KPI’s, and Web Services. If not, you will be...  During this Webinar we would like to take you through how a modern BA develops and navigates a large-scale business process automation project. This BA will be asked to interface between business users and IT to help create a Web-based application that streamlines the business process.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Outsourcing Requirements Discovery
This session is for business analysts and project managers that sometimes need to contract externally for requirements discovery services in order to make their project a success. This session shares hard facts, case studies, and a wealth of experience in successful – and not so successful – contracting approaches for the senior project manager. Supercharging a project by accelerating the requirements discovery phase is a solid strategy – but how do you ensure the company will get solid business value from the activity?
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Learn the 11 Habits for Highly Successful Business Process Management Programs
Driving long-term business benefit and success with business process management (BPM) often requires companies to develop new ways of looking at familiar challenges.
Join IBM for this educational webcast and learn 11 practical approaches to technology, skills, and organizational structure that will help you establish repeatable models for BPM success.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Relational Databases for the Business Analyst
In this webinar, database expert Mark Kurtz will walk you through the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), the role it plays within the enterprise, and discuss best practices that can be applied to querying, viewing and validating data. With nearly three decades of database experience, Mark has been working with data and business analysts, developers, and DBA’s to be more productive with the databases they work with.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Fast Tracking Projects
So you’ve been assigned a complex, poorly defined project concept… now what? Nothing is worse (or better) for a senior project manager or business analyst than being handed a project that is: strategic, very large, and way outside your comfort zone in complexity. These projects will sometimes roll around the halls of big companies for months while they struggle to gain sufficient momentum and clarity to really move forward with a sense of purpose and direction. Let’s say one of these career-bruisers/-builders is yours? What do you do next?
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Leveraging Software Visualization to Elicit, Validate and Communicate Requirements
A growing number of companies have seen the light, and are currently enjoying enormous gains in the value of their development dollars as they implement software visualization as a core component of their requirements definition process. In turn, the role of business analysts in these organizations becomes increasingly important as they are tasked with transforming ambiguous business requirements into crystal-clear simulations that enable tighter feedback loops and faster iterations, and ultimately provide developers with a near-perfect roadmap to meeting the project’s objectives.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: 5 Things You Must Know About Requirements Planning
Requirements Planning adds incredible value to the requirements process. More than simply creating another “work breakdown structure” document, this is an opportunity to address risks proactively and gain better stakeholder participation. This session demonstrates how every component of a requirements plan adds value.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Myth-busting: The Path to Requirements Success
The optimal path to mature requirements practices is often obscured by misinformation. Register now to see how to make significant operational improvement in requirements maturity and select a path based on a strong foundation of research and quantified success.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Predicting Project Outcomes (Requirements Gathering under the Microscope)
This session provides attendees with hands on techniques for determining the outcome of their projects before the project really gets rolling. This session is about facts, and presents extensive research from IAG’s new Business Analysis Benchmark Study to help business analysts and project managers build a predictive risk assessment model. This session puts the intake and requirements gathering process of the project lifecycle under the microscope to determine what actions Business Analysts and Project Managers can take to more consistently achieve a successful outcome on their projects.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Inside Effective Business Requirements Documentation
This session is a deep dive into requirements documentation issues showing examples of good documentation practices and samples of materials that only look good on the surface, but have significant buried problems. Find out the 3 most common documentation mistakes, and learn about 5 critical success factors for effective requirements documentation.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: BA Best Practices: Reporting Requirements, Design, Creation and Distribution
In this Webcast, Amit Parikh, manager of systems consulting for Quest Software will show you some best practices to simplify the process of defining reporting requirements, finding the data you need, and designing and distributing reports.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Optimizing Requirements Discovery
Why should it take months to determine project scope and gather requirements? Register now to look at the underlying problems that impede the collection of business requirements and make projects less successful.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Managing Requirements Operational Excellence
Managing Requirements Operational Excellence is about making significant change in requirements discovery and management performance. This session is for the business analyst leadership and development executive looking to make long term, systematic improvement to their business analyst organization. IAG will draw from its project experience with over 700 customers to baseline organizations, assess the value of improvement, and determine the action plan for success.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Access, Investigate and Deliver Data with Simple Workflows and Automation
Data professionals are constantly challenged to deliver data and produce reports to support business and IT objectives. The most accurate data resides at the source, in the underlying databases. Navigating your way through various data sources can be extremely cumbersome without the right tools. This webcast will show you how to reduce these headaches.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Stress-free SQL Queries for the Analyst
Being a data detective starts with writing SQL queries. But that’s often a formidable task for many data professionals, including analysts. Learn how to take the drama out of query writing with the first in Quest Software’s Data Detective Webinar series: “Stress-free SQL Queries for the Analyst”.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: 3 Steps to better process analysis with Visio® 2010
Tired of using static models?  Want to create standardized process maps that can easily be shared?  Need to gain faster buy-in on recommended improvements? Join the Webinar and learn in 3 steps how to move your process improvement initiatives forward.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Leveraging Requirements Visualization – A Biotechnology Company’s Agile Case Study
In this presentation, Susanna Goldenstein (business analyst) shares her experience working with visualization to improve the usability of a physician's portal. By leveraging visualization with iRise, she was able to bring together a diverse set of stakeholders to gain valuable clinician feedback in short bursts of review time enabling the team to launch this project on time and on budget.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: 5 steps to better quality requirements – with Ian Alexander
'This talk gives you, in a very short amount of time, some of the most valuable requirements information you will hear this year’ Join thought leader Ian Alexander, noted requirements guru and author of ‘Discovering Requirements’ to learn key techniques for uncovering poor quality and incomplete requirements.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Enhancing Business Process Management with Business Rules
Learn how business rules management complements BPM methodologies and technologies. See the benefits you can gain by separating the management of business decision logic from the mechanics of business process flow. Learn why business rules management is favored by business units and IT departments for the improved flexibility and control it gives your organization.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: How The Business Analyst Can Keep Up With The Demand For Data
This informative live webcast, hosted by, will discuss the importance of meeting the challenges that never end for a Business Analyst. Register for "How The Business Analyst Can Keep Up With The Demand For Data,” and learn best practices to quickly and easily find data – regardless of SQL statements or database knowledge. See how to deliver information quickly and easily, and how doing so keeps service levels high and customers satisfied.

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ON DEMAND Webinar: Designing Interfaces Your Users Will Love

Whether you roll out an application to thousands of users or a team of twenty, your users want to work with easy, intuitive, and dare we say sexy interfaces. Good interface design not only means happy users, but it also means less time and money spent training users on a new application.

Join us as we show you how to built interfaces your users will love. In this session you will:

  • Learn how to create, edit, and deploy custom interfaces
  • Get an understanding of how key elements of a collaborative application, like workflows and security, affect UI design
  • See how to include Web 2.0 functionality like Mashups, RSS feeds, and Google Gadgets into your interfaces
  • Discover how a lean approach to BPM makes it easy to deploy great-looking and easy-to-use interfaces without any programming

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ON DEMAND Webinar: What is an Enterprise Business Rule Repository? Do I Need One?
As business rule and decision management initiatives grow and become more complex, there is increasing consensus within the business analyst community about the importance of the rule repository in developing a scalable, sustainable business rule management capability.

This session will:
* Describe the limitations of spreadsheet based approaches to documenting, analyzing and managing business rules
* Explain how an enterprise rule repository can address these deficiencies while creating an information asset that can be leveraged across the organization
* Identify three “must have” attributes of a true enterprise repository
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ON DEMAND Webinar: How Lean & Nimble BPM Helps Analysts Drive Business Change
Trying to model and fit dynamic business flows into structured BPM models? Want a BPM approach that works the way you work? Looking for an easier-to deploy BPM solution?

Join us to find out how business analysts like you are modeling business processes as lists of activities, as well as traditional workflows. Because real-life processes can be more dynamic than flowcharts depict – and structured in different, non-linear ways - trying to model and fit dynamic business flows into structured BPM models has been a challenge. Now there’s an alternative.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Requirements Best Practices from Haworth on Creating 'The Agency Within'
In this session we’ll discover how the “agency within” model can be successfully implemented with visualization bridging normally siloed teams and creating new and productive workflows.

In this webinar you will find out how:
* Business Analysts visualized the solution before development
* Haworth achieved a 50% shorter requirements cycle along with 50% cost savings,
* BAs in the front-end tech team used visualization tools to create working prototypes
* Visualization improved communication between business and IT
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Eliminate BPM Bloat: Lean Business Process Discovery & Implementation For Fast ROI
Need to get an application online quickly? Getting rid of the BPM project bloat? It's time to get lean.

A lean approach to business process management makes it simple to design and deploy collaborative, process-centric applications without coding skills. This means you automate processes across teams, connect to back end system, and design slick Web 2.0 interfaces without writing a lick of code. The result: you get your applications online quickly without the cost, complexity, infrastructure of traditional BPM systems.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Gaining Consistency and Productivity through Rapid and Iterative Requirements
How important is it for your analyst team to show value to the organization in this economic time? This session takes a close look at the rut many analyst organizations have found themselves in, and provides specific tactics for re-energizing the function
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Best Practices for Optimizing the Requirements Process
This web seminar focuses on best practices for creating a fully optimized requirements life cycle that can be leveraged by any organization into project success.  Drawing upon years of experience from many successful projects, the experts from Greenridge Business Systems offers insight into how to take advantage of a “people, process and technology” approach to requirements that can have a dramatic positive impact.  A case study involving a large-scale government project is also showcased.  Attendees also learn requirements gathering best practices when large numbers of stakeholders are involved and how visualization reduces confusion through real-time collaboration and the use of fully immersive and functional simulations.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: The Art of Requirements Architecture
Innovation in requirements architecture will allow us to produce a greater volume of higher quality software, at a lower cost. Software and database design has evolved considerably in recent years.
Professionals in that space use techniques such as SOA, object oriented, component and framework based development; normalization of information, business intelligence and master data management.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Visualizing an Electronic Record System: A Case Study For BAs
When applied in the right process, visualization can be a very effective strategy for achieving amazing results, as we see in this Web seminar highlighting a specific case study with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

The lessons learned from this project can be applied to many other industries, so this Web seminar is must-see for all business analysts, designers and project managers who want to deliver better business software faster and with less cost.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: How West Bend used Process Mapping
West Bend Mutual Insurance recently chose to use BPM and process mapping as a way to reduce business costs and to allow them to bring new offerings to market more quickly. Now they are addressing new commercial business segments that they previously could not.
In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How BPM and process mapping allowed Stacie and team to deliver a highly valued exception process, thereby creating a more attractive product to our agents, which up until that time had been impractical to offer.
  • How after West Bend reorganized its IT department, they used process mapping to determine how to best serve their internal clients.
  • How BPM tools and techniques are being promoted and adopted within West Bend to help spread the culture of process improvement.

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ON DEMAND Webinar: How to get started Documenting Processes with Business as an equal partner
Steve Burge runs Tillamook County Creamery Association’s Business Process Management Office and previously was the company’s IT Director.

Tillamook, a 100 year-old cooperative made up of over 150 dairies, produces high-end dairy products.  Until recently, processes were passed down from artisan to artisan in the form of what Steve jokingly refers to as “tribal knowledge.”  When Tillamook’s new CEO came on board he realized that he needed to get a handle on the company’s processes in order to move forward and compete in today’s market.  It was Steve’s job to put together a Process Management Model to lead the collection and documentation of the company’s processes.

In this webinar, Steve will talks about his recent experience and specifically: 
  • How he built a core team where IT was in the minority and the majority of the members came from the business side.
  • How the team decided where to begin    
  • How they involved over 150 people, from all over the company, to help detail the processes
  • How they got process owners from the business to own execution after the initial documentation effort.

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