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ON DEMAND Webinar: The Knowledge Explosion: How to crank up productivity and be a dynamite leader
No one is asking you to turn your company into a hippie commune, but the fact is that even your most senior executives can learn something from a new hire. Knowledge sharing without hierarchical boundaries will drive better results, increase sales, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and create leaders across your organization. Creating a knowledge-sharing culture within your organization where individual contributions and peer-to-peer mentoring is rewarded will result in a rich history of tribal knowledge and heightened employee engagement.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Got Big Data? How can you combine the Big Data with traditional enterprise data?
Most organizations today have both traditional data (ERP, relational, and other structured) as well as non-traditional (big data, cloud, BI metadata layers, and unstructured) data sources.  Additionally, Big Data projects are popping up in your organization as well.  All this data needs to be combined into a single view with business logic or rules applied to the combined set.  How do you access this information, integrate the data, cleanse, and analyze in such disparate source environment?
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ON DEMAND Webinar: 10 Career-Crushers that Threaten Every Business Analyst – And How to Prevent Them!
Career opportunities for Business Analysts have never looked better. Both CNNMoney and Indeed.com rank Business Analyst (BA) among today’s most in-demand jobs.  But even the brightest and most ambitious BAs can have their careers thrown off-track by falling victim to one of these 10 common pitfalls…   This webinar will show you what they are, and give you some proven tools and strategies for avoiding them.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Managing Requirements in an Agile World: Avoiding the “Round Peg/Square Hole” Dilemma
Are requirements really as easy as having a user write a bunch of stuff on an index card and setting the developers free to code some miraculous product? Hardly. The truth is, nothing has changed where requirements are concerned. In fact, this presentation puts the world of requirements development and management into context and discusses the harmony that can be created when Agile practices are put into place.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Master BI: Becoming a Business Intelligence Guru with Toad
“Business intelligence,” “data warehouse,” or “big data” – are these buzzwords swimming through your organization, each with multiple definitions, owners, and requirements? In this educational session, you’ll discover the easiest way to gain control over, and benefit from, your changing data landscape.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Deliver Maximum Value through Better Business Analysis
This webinar describes several innovative methods for business analysts to deliver more value to the business and ensure completion of successful enterprise projects. Poor business analysis is the root cause of many project failures.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: End Document Chaos: Save Time Through Collaborative Requirements Management
Join this webinar and learn how to save time and work more efficiently. We’ll examine how the BA can better interact with requirements by applying social collaboration to the requirements lifecycle, creating deeper engagement across teams and delivering successful projects.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: The Use Case Technique: An Overview
Use cases are an effective and widely used technique for eliciting software requirements. The use-case approach focuses on the goals that users have with a system, rather than emphasizing system functionality. This webinar presents an overview of the use-case approach to requirements elicitation in a practical and straightforward fashion.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Requirements Management Best Practices
Requirements development deals with getting good software requirements. Requirements management addresses the challenges of handling these requirements as the project proceeds over time. This presentation summarizes several best practices for requirements management.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: 10 Key Business Analysis Trends for 2012
The world of business analysis is changing and changing fast. Are you and your organization prepared for those changes? Are you prepared to weather the upheaval and be as agile as the next competing organization?
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ON DEMAND Webinar: How the Business Analysts can Align Agile Development with Business Priorities
Join this event and learn key ideals of Agile and challenges faced by Business Analysts. Jama Software will focus on what they’ve heard as the top challenges of Agile development and how to solve them.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Being Rational in an Accelerated World
Tired of having tools that slow your requirements discovery and management? Many tools cannot support highly accelerated requirements elicitation - IBM Rational® Requirements Composer® can. We're going to show you how - and - we're going to change your thinking on how to configure tools and analyst teams to get greater performance and efficiency.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Using Visio® 2010 and SharePoint® 2010 for Process Management: Practical Tips and Customer Examples
Microsoft Visio 2010 and SharePoint 2010 offer powerful, easy new ways to model, manage and monitor business processes. This webcast will focus on how to get the most out the new capabilities. We’ll spend the webcast showing the new features and talking about how customers are already using them to improve their processes.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Avoiding the Data Baggage Trap – A Practical Approach to Data Mapping and Traceability
Data exists to support systems, analytical, and management processes. However, the existence of data alone doesn’t ensure that these processes can be undertaken seamlessly. A seamless undertaking depends heavily on how useable, or meaningful a dataset is, and on how well the processes that created the dataset are understood. Every company today has some level of data “baggage”. Data baggage is made up of all those legacy systems, data stores, and reports that are heavily relied on, but whose domain knowledge has been slowly lost over the years.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Text is Dead: How Requirements Visualization is Changing the Game at HealthMEDX
Tired of having projects miss the mark because of poor requirements? Tired of delays and rework? Just plain tired of working overtime only to have frustrated customers? Is there a way to eliminate the wasted time and cost of missed requirements? Fortunately, the answer is: “Yes!”
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