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ON DEMAND Webinar: Digital Design Professional - 3 Essential Steps to Innovative Digital Solutions
ABOUT THE WEBINAR Since the invention of the iPhone, the world has rapidly accelerated towards a more digital future. While we once focused primarily on seeking solutions for unsatisfied needs, increasingly we now shift our focus towards creating digital solutions for emerging needs. Whether our ideas will become as successful as Airbnb, Netflix...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Applied Requirements Engineering: How to increase project success in any project setting
ABOUT THE WEBINAR Key Message: Requirements Engineering (RE) skills are massively underestimated in many projects Today, software development must cope with multiple challenges:Increased complexity of system and environment New competitors that arrive in the digital market space Limited time-to-market for new products Stret...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: The BA and Data Mining
ABOUT THE WEBINAR Data mining has been considered the province of the data scientist and data analyst. But the data scientists and data analysts only solve the business problems that are given to them provided those business problems can be solved with data.   Someone has to analyze the processes and conditions of the business to determine wha...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: The BA and Business Analytics
ABOUT THE WEBINAR It might be easy for the business analyst to pass the challenges of business analytics, with all of the statistics, math, algorithms, programming in strange languages like R and Python off to the data analysts and data scientists but at the same time we may find that we are passing control of the business and of our careers to ...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: The BA and Digital Transformations
ABOUT THE WEBINAR We business analysts are familiar with automation. We’ve been recommending changes in business to further automate manual procedures and to improve the current automated processes. However we are in the throes of a total disruption in which the mere automation of processes is no longer enough. We are looking at fully au...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: The Digital Design Professional for Today’s Digital Ecosystem
ABOUT THE WEBINAR Today’s innovative digital solutions are driven by technology and disruptive business models. To design a digital solution, you need to consider hardware, software, the physical environment, and the desired business model as well as the people that will use the system. Look for example at a Smart Home solution where light...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Executive Guide to Using Process Mining to Succeed in Major Transformations
ABOUT THE WEBINAR Executives have unique issues when facing major transformation projects: they are accountable for the business case, the risk is higher, and there is extreme time pressure to achieve business outcomes. The perspective of executives is NOT project-centric; executives must focus on guarding the customer experience throughout the...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Why You Need a Business Glossary Now: Connecting Data to the Language of the Business
ABOUT THE WEBINAR Effective alignment between the data captured by the business and the language used by the business is a key to business success. A term may have different meanings for different people based on the context or the interpretation. Misunderstandings caused by incorrect interpretation of business data increase the risk of expens...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Digital Design – Thinking beyond Requirements Engineering
ABOUT THE WEBINAR This talk introduces: The new role of the Digital Design Professional,  The reason for its emergence within Requirements Engineering industry, and IREB’s new certification scheme to enter this new profession. The possibilities of digital technology enable innovative services and all-new business m...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: How BAs Can Use Technology to Implement a Continuous Improvement Plan
About the Webinar: What problems could you solve and what solutions would you build if you had a programmer at your disposal at all times? With Quick Base, you don't need one. Instead of going to IT, you can build an application for capturing, storing and managing data about your business systems – without learning how to code.  ...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Why Business Analysts need to embrace Smart Management
To stay competitive, enterprises need to react rapidly to market dynamics. Decision-making and implementation of required transformations are made difficult by the complexity of business and the fact that most people, view change negatively. It is therefore crucial that you have the right tools for successful and proactive business transformatio...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Not Your Mama's Acceptance Criteria: A Product Owner's Guide to Writing Excellent User Stories
ABOUT THE WEBINAR High quality agile requirements are more than just user stories. They are visual models, testable acceptance criteria, and the result of collaborative facilitated sessions with your stakeholders and team. Given, When, Then (or Gherkin language) is an effective style for documenting acceptance criteria, particularly in support o...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Our Requirements Are Good, So Why Aren’t We Delivering Value?
ABOUT THE WEBINAR Many people ask us how to measure whether or not they have good requirements, but most of them have the question wrong. Researchers propose methods to measure quality of requirements, but the end game isn’t about requirements, or even the project deadline. The real target is the value a project actually delivers to an o...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Agile Business Analysis
ABOUT THE WEBINAR Intense business environments of today are driven by uncertainty and the high speed of change. Two practices that help organizations meet those challenges are business analysis and Agile. In fact, business analysis has become a core competency for any organization that appreciates the skills needed to align business and custome...
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ON DEMAND Webinar: The BA’s friend or foe? How to fit Requirements Engineering into Agility
ABOUT THE WEBINAR In the world of software development, requirements engineering has been recognized as an important discipline for the past couple of decades. Without proper requirements software development was bound to fail. But is this still true in the current Age of Agility? Requirements engineering was a natural fit in the waterfall ap...
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