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Agile - the way I like it...
The theme for the month is the Agile Business Analyst and this eJournal issue will surely not disappoint with two agile articles by Ellen Gottesdiener and Scott Ambler as well as an op-ed by me (I couldn't resist): Agile - the way I like it... 

We also explore a number of great topics such as:
10 Reasons Why BA CoPs Fail
Can SOA Give You A Good Service?
> and much more.

Also in this issue:
> Webinar: Best Practices for Optimizing the Requirements Process
New Interview Questions
> More Business Analyst Humor

- Adrian Marchis, Editor

Agile Business Analysis in Flow - The Work of the Agile Analyst
by Ellen Gottesdiener, Principal Consultant, EBG Consulting
Agile is here, and it's coming soon to an organization near you-if it's not already there. As a business analyst, are you ready to make the transition to this value-centered development approach? How will your role change? What will you do differently?
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Villanova Universtiy 

Requirements Specifications on Agile Projects
by Scott Ambler, Chief Methodologist,IBM Software Group
In this article I briefly overview how business analysis activities fit into an agile approach, question some of the dogma around documentation within the traditional community, summarize some of the evidence showing that agile approaches are more effective in practice than traditional approaches, and end with strategies for specifying requirements on an agile project.


10 Reasons Why BA Communities of Practice Fail
by Peter Leather & Sam Cherubin
Understanding why BA CoPs fail is an essential part of strategic planning. If you can identify the gaps in your own organization, you will be in a much better position to put a plan in place to "Mind the Gap." This article will look at 10 common reasons why BA CoPs fail.
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Can SOA Give You A Good Service?
by John Moe, Head of Business Consulting, Alphacourt
Like any other religion, sorry architecture, SOA has its own language and meanings for the terms it uses. Unfortunately, some of these words can be very confusing, none more than the term "service". So here is a bluffer's guide to understanding and conversing in SOA-speak.
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Best Practices for Optimizing the Requirements Process
Wed, May 27, 2009   10:00 AM Pacific (5:00 PM GMT)  Register Now!

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Informative Articles
> How Pandemics Affect Business Processes by Stewart Allen
> Find Your Subject Matter Experts by Morgan Masters
> First 4 Steps to Establish a Successful  BA CoP by Sam Cherubin

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> What is the difference between a Primary and Secondary Actor in Use Case Modeling?

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