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This month’s eJournal issue is about Agile and the Agile Business Analyst with a couple of great articles by Ellen Gottesdiener and Scott Ambler exposing upon the agile side of the business.   At we try really hard to showcase editorial content which is relevant, educational, well balanced, and thought provoking. For t...
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This entry was published on May 11, 2009 / Adrian M.. Posted in SDLC, Process, and Methodologies, Agile Methods. Bookmark the Permalink or E-mail it to a friend.
As a BA, one of the central guiding principles for me has always been, "If it isn't going to make a difference to the outcome, don't do it." Yet I see a lot of confusion amongst BAs about how much analysis to do on a given project. Are structural models (class diagrams and ERDs) always worth doing or are they a waste of time? How much detail should...
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This entry was published on May 03, 2009 / Howard Podeswa. Posted in Business Analysis, Tools. Bookmark the Permalink or E-mail it to a friend.


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