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Barton George
Barton George

Top 10 Tech Skills: Process Modeling tops the list

Last week I came across an article on that listed today’s “Top 10 Technology skills.”  The list was based on work done by Foote Partners, which conducts quarterly assessments of IT pay trends in the US.

Foote Partners’ CEO David Foote says “what’s unique about this downturn is that IT departments are hiring talent in certain areas – such as business process modeling and project management – while laying off in others connected to weak product lines.”

And, indeed, coming in at the top of the list was Business Process Modeling:

1. Business Process Modeling

Business process management, methodology and modeling is one of the few IT niches that saw pay gains in the fourth quarter of 2008, according to the quarterly IT salary survey compiled by Foote Partners. In particular, companies were willing to pay for workers with ITIL IT best practices and CobiT IT governance experience. Pay for these skills was up 10.3% from a year ago and 5.6% from the previous quarter, the Foote report says.

Kevin Faughnan, director of IBM’s Academic Initiative, says business process modeling is one of the key skills that business majors should be studying. “It’s about how does our business work, what are the business processes and how do we analyze them,” Faughnan says, adding that this is a key issue for companies to consider before applying IT to solve business problems.

This seems to make sense to me. It is always important to know your business processes  in order to be able to modify and refine them to keep pace with change… and today there is an extra helping of change that we all must not only keep pace with but get ahead of.  Business Process Modeling is a key first step.

And the rest…

For the curious, the other 9 skills were:

  • 2. Database
  • 3. Messaging/Communications
  • 4. IT Architecture
  • 5. IT Security
  • 6. Project Management
  • 7. Data Mining
  • 8. Web Development
  • 9. IT Optimization
  • 10. Networking

Barton George
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