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Adrian M.
Adrian M.

The Business Analyst will probably go down...

The Business Analyst will probably go down as one of the more important players to help us get out of these terrible economic times.

Now is more important than ever for organizations to improve their processes and squeeze every last bit of productivity out of their business operations. Unfortunately, not all companies will survive - as they try to go at it without thorough business analysis.

Recently I've heard a business executive say something like "last time we've done this type of endeavor things went really bad so this time I'm giving you guys more time". This sounds like a line straight out of a Dilbert cartoon.

Does more time really guarantee success?

Of course not!

Last night I saw all over the news how both Republicans and Democrats battle for the details of the stimulus bill with some saying that getting the bill approved in a timely manner is more important than arguing over the details. Really?

Does spending lots of money (hundreds of billions in this case) guarantee success?

Does acting fast really ensure the desired outcome?

Of course not!

Then what?

Good, solid, and creative Business Analysis!

Our business organizations and our government must make decisions (paralysis is not an option) but they must make the right decisions. Business analysis is the process for analyzing an organization’s problems for the purpose of arriving at effective solutions and effective decisions.

In this month’s eJournal you will:

  • learn how to use decision management to improve business analysis,
  • find out how to develop an eye for waste by looking at seven wastes of software development, 
  • discover how to apply creativity in your day to day job, and
  • hear how to use process mapping to tap into new markets..

And when you’re tired of worrying about your projects – take time off and enjoy some BA Humor.

- Adrian

Adrian Marchis

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