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Adrian M.
Adrian M.

Demand for Business Analysis skills is still strong

"The 2009 Benchmark of Salaries and Employment Trends in IT survey from the National Computing Centre says one-third of respondents have experienced a shortage of candidates with certain key skills.

According to the survey, 33.7 percent of organisations highlight problems recruiting or retaining people with Oracle, SAP, .NET, web development, business analysis and network support skills."

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Despite the current economic downturn, finding skilled business analysts is not easy. 

My guess is that there are many newcomers to our profession who are trying to get started in a hurry but how don't yet have much experience or formal training.  The good and experienced BAs probably already have jobs and are staying put until the economic conditions improve.

For those of you who are new/aspiring analysts - this is a great time to take some time off (if you don't have a job anyway) and get a formal degree or training in business analysis.

- Adrian

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Tomas Kohl posted on Monday, February 9, 2009 2:47 AM
Sounds right. Although at times like this, many companies feel tempted to make do without BAs (as in "aren't programmers analysts, too?").
Tomas Kohl
rudistephan posted on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 1:51 PM
I would make the argument that it's iin tough economic times like these that the Business Analyst's true value to the business is evident. At least to those in management focused on the big picture. BA's are uniquely positioned in an organization to identify areas of process and system improvements that ultimately impact the bottom line. I hear the refrain Thomas refers to all the time; yes, programmers are analysts, but their focus is technology. Business analysts have a broader focus on the entire business, and how technology can be leveraged to enable business to be conducted more efficiently. Right now, it's all about educating senior management about the value of BA's to an organization.
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