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Adrian M.

5 Traits of Successful Projects

Michael Vinje, an I.T. and software engineering specialist with more than two decades experience, has written an article on 5 Traits of a Successful project.

Anyone in charge of business analysts or systems analysts can benefit from understanding and analyzing these traits.  Here is a rather quick summary:

1. Balance demand with capacity.  Simply put: know your available capacity, estimate carefully, and do not over commit.

2. Dedicate resources the team can count on day in and day out.  That is, do not allocate new tasks to resources already allocated.  Also - make sure that you allocate the  right type of resource (don't ask the SME to step into the role of business analyst).
3. Include skilled business analysts on the implementation team. Business and systems analysts must be are at the core of every IT project.  The problems, needs, and requirements of the business must be clearly understood in order to succeed in any information technology project.

4. Rely on project managers that exemplify mature professionalism.  Great execution management and leadership skills are a must for those in charge of the project. 

5. Make fact-based decisions. Succesful IT teams rely on timely  and accurate facts in order to respond quickly and appropriately to changing circumstances.
For full article, please see link to Baseline magazine:
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