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Use case modelling is the most powerful requirements modelling technique to model solution requirements if applied correctly. I have come across many BA teams (including my own) that made lot of common mistakes in use case modelling. By avoiding the top 10 mistakes identified in this paper, BA teams can not only save lot of efforts in use...
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This entry was published on Jan 10, 2016 / Trividh Patel, CBAP. Posted in Requirements Analysis (BABOK KA) , Use Cases, Functional Specifications, Systems Analysis, Business Analysis. Bookmark the Permalink or E-mail it to a friend.
Dear Fellow Business Analysts, I have created two surveys as part of my research work. The surveys elicits your opinion on some notation designs related to use cases and statecharts. Both surveys will require no more than 15 minutes of your time. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. The links to the surveys are as follows:   Use Cases s...
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This entry was published on May 21, 2013 / Dr. Mohamed El-Attar. Posted in Unified Modeling Language (UML), Use Cases, Structured Systems Analysis (DFDs, ERDs, etc.). Bookmark the Permalink or E-mail it to a friend.
Everyone knows what use cases are and their use in the software requirements process. We all know there are many ways to write them: logical, physical, to describe a manual procedure or an automated procedure. The purpose of State Diagrams is well-known to everyone in the field. They help us define the transitional lifecycle of an object moving and...
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This entry was published on Sep 13, 2012 / Dahlia Biazid. Posted in Use Cases, Systems Analysis, Business Analysis, Getting Started as a Business Systems Analyst, Technical Topics. Bookmark the Permalink or E-mail it to a friend.

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